Find great deals on eBay for Sylvania 6lf6 tube. Shop with confidence. Tube Data Sheet Locator. 6LF6 Pinout. basing, pinout. 6LF6 Substitutes. Different filament voltage, 20LF6. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only . Hickok minimum = Hickok C provides a minimum acceptable mutual conductance. Most tube manufacturers provide new tube mutual conductance.

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6lf6 tube | QRZ Forums

I have a bet with a friend. He says he has an amplifier that with 75 watts in will produce over watts to the antenna with 4 6lf6 tubes.

I said he’s crazy. If I goofed this up I am sorry Here is a LINK to the 6lf6 specs. With 40 watts plate dissipation per tube, I would say he had a few s too many.

N2VWWSep 9, WZ9OSep 6lt6, Forced air cooling of at least cfm is required for these tubes! W9GBSep 9, There are a lot of good watt meters out there. There are a lot of people who know how to properly set up and use a meter. There are a lot MORE junk meters.


My guess is, we are dealing with a person or meter or both in the last two categories. Properly tuning and using a sweep-tube amplifier is so delicate and tricky an operation, that it certainly is NOT advisable for the inexperienced or faint-at-heart! AG3YSep 9, If I remember right, that’s almost the specs for the old Swan cx or tkbe ever sweep tube linear.

Actual CW out was never abovewith fresh tubes. N3PMSep 9, Your name or email address: Register for a free QRZ account.