Man on Fire [A. J. Quinnell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An alcoholic soldier of fortune, serving as a bodyguard to the daughter of an. A.J. Quinnell, Writer: Man on Fire. There was no specific event that led me to write ‘Man on Fire’. Two things stuck in my mind. Sometime in the sixties the. Creasy thought he had nothing left to lose. He was wrong. An American soldier of fortune far from home – alcoholic, burnt out, and broken down – Creasy has.

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I saw the movie several years ago Washington version not Glenn and enjoyed it but had no idea it was based on a book or that it was actually a series of books. It was made into a movie starring Denzel Washington, but I have trouble visualizing him in that-it must have been loosely based on the book. I was not patient in waiting for the action! Until the girl’s beguiling touch awakens in him the ability to love. See 1 question about Man on Fire….

He is just the perfect guy you can ever encounter, who won’t want to kill him? The military mind in Creasy goes to work mam he goes into intense planning and also makes himself fit for the job of extermination on a grand scale. May 22, George K. Quinnell is a pseudonym. Jun 19, P.

Tough Guy Lit is a new series that will recommend and discuss a tough guy novel from yesterday. The author occasionally provided more background or details than I would have liked but hard to argue with the authentic feel that gives the story.

The author does a great job of background on Creasy and the gradual build up of his relationship with Pinta. This is a great thriller, but beyond the action there is a great story told. All is lost when Pinta is kidnapped off the street and Creasy is shot in the chest. May 23, David rated it it was amazing. The book does an excellent job at fully describing Creasy and why he is the way he is. That, I’ll leave for you to find out.


Man on Fire

Soon enough, he is fit and leaves for Marseille where he stocks quninell on supplies, weapons and ammunition: Thursday 14 July Nothing can stop him until he reaches his goal. Jan 05, Dave Hicks rated it it was amazing. Was working on a prequel to his novel “Man on Fire” at the time of his death.

Thrills an suspense from he start with just a bit of romance. The main character Creasy is a trained killer that is almost hollowed out inside from his many years as a soldier and mercenary.

There were two film adaptations made from this novel, one in and another more recently in The lone wolf or small group going up against the bad guys to dispense justice. All goes fine until tragedy strikes and Creasy is left for dead with the sunshine extinguished from his life.

On Prime Video Watch Now. It is excellent, and after the first 3rd it is different enough to keep you guessing That lean,mean,tough, old son-of-a-gun who will kick the living daylights out of any bad guy! Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

Long story short he gets back into shape after the little girl is kidnapped and seeks out his revenge on those that took her.

Feel free to send Sean Tuohy your own suggestions in the comments section or tweet us at WritersBone along jan toughguylit. Many of the book’s most devoted fans come from Japan.


Tough Guy Lit: A. J. Quinnell’s Man on Fire — Writer’s Bone

Then something happens, something so devastating that Creasy is consumed by a single-min Known only as Creasy, he was hired to protect, not to kill. I am such a sucker for this type of story. Man on Fire by A. Quinnell ‘s development of the book. Creasy admits to disliking kids so it is fascinating to watch as this innocent, curious girl quonnell breaks through his defenses.

It is a good read! Elegant A bit dated, perhaps, or more a relic of the period. Yet Creasy This is a 5-star story for sure.

A.J. Quinnell – IMDb

Definitely worth a read. But having something to care about again in making Creasy vulnerable. Reviewed by, David Feeney, author; Terror on the high seas Not at all a bad thing, in this case. Quinnell’s work have you seen?

Retrieved 28 March Quinnell was the pen name of Philip Nicholson, a mystery and thriller writer. A very emotional book, as you feel the rage that Creasy feels. Apr 26, Matias Mestas rated it really liked it. Of course sj main difference between them both is that Bourne was trained by the government during some kind of Black Op, whereas Creasy just developed his almost natural abilities going from war quinnelp war.

It did nothing to affect my love for the film, as the differences between the novel and the film are so radical that I can barely see them as the same work 4.