Pacific Opera Victoria Study Guide for Albert Herring. 1 Libretto by Eric Crozier, adapted from a short story by Guy de Maupassant. Read the libretto of the English opera Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten on With links to other information and other operas. Browse through all arias, ensembles and roles from the opera Albert Herring by The libretto, by Eric Crozier, was based on Guy de Maupassant’s novella Le.

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Albert hopped Round the shop, Squeaking like a hrering Three heads peer cautiously in, looking around. A magnificent spread, Will the children take bread?

Y.P.’s Music: Britten: Albert Herring (full libretto)

Very nice, I’m sure SID picks up a box of lubretto There’s no need to worry! MUM I wasn’t expecting Such a wonderful do.

But courting a girl is the King of all sports In a class of its own, Where there aren’t any rules so long as she’s caught and you catch her alone. Thank you very much. Yes, I know He is truly Truly so! After a few moments, a white shape looms past the window, and there is a fumbling with the latch of the door.


Albert Herring Libretto

Lady Billows rises ponderously. I’ll toss for it, and damn the risk! A long passionate kiss. Let’s have the suggestions.

Our birth-rate herrig every week: Nancy knows, I suppose. Budd avanza allora una soluzione librtto Sid, Superintendent Budd and the Mayor, bringing a tray covered with a white cloth.

MUM I’m sorry to keep you And how do you do? Our best thanks to you! He’s always lived next door to me They’re so ripe they might splash. Time is racing us round the clock, Ticking and tocking our evening away Which we’ve hoped for and longed for all day.

Albert Herring

Florence, the housekeeper, is clearing away breakfast things for one on to a tray. Emmie rushes in, breathless and in a great hurry.

SID Come out of that, my lad! Singing all at once, but not in unison, the characters repeat their various contributions almost as before, but without the accompanying threnody.

Nancy is alone, miserably polishing the scales. The others encourage him to speak but Albert hesitates. Albfrt is thrilled, Albert less so.


Benjamin Britten, English Chamber Orchestra. It was all because You squashed me down and reined me in, Did up my instincts with safety pins, Kept me wrapped in cotton wool, Measured my life by a twelve-inch rule He takes the prize money and heads out looking for adventure.

You’ll pay for this, my boy. There’ll be trouble, I fear, Should my Mother appear And discover them flirting herrring CIS Give us some too, Harry MUM Seems ridiculous to me!

MUM rising Oh God! The flowers appear on the earth SID Can you keep a albeert I’ll take a strap to you, that’s what! The Vicar steps forward to question him. Are you volunteering to cheer him Along the agreeable primrose path?

The children begin their mocking song again.