If the answer to prayer is so positively promised in scripture, why are there so many unanswered prayers today (often misinterpreted as a “no”)? Scripture. Does that refer to prayer for ourselves or others? To both. It is because many confine it to. THE INTERCESSION COLLECTION by Andrew Murray, William Booth. Helps to Intercession by Andrew Murray. Table of Contents. Title Page. Preface – Pray Without Ceasing. Chapter 1. First Day — For the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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I have never read the original book, published as The Ministry of Intercessionbut this volume is “edited for today’s reader. This background to some extent explains his ecumenical spirit. I would recommend this book, my second time Reading the book And I loved it more than the first!!

In my own life, reading, learning the lessons he shares, and immediately putting them into practice, brought answers where before there were none. Andreww there might be other strategic losses that appear to us to be defeats, when they are actually not, but are for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

While some chapters are a little repetative, the author keeps the readers attention well. I know not if we have yet learned to apply this truth to our prayer-life.

This may be the best lrayer on prayer I have ever read. Love this book The importance of intercession is something so intercesskry and yet many don’t focus on this! A helpful book for those God has called to the ministry of intercessory prayer.

The Ministry of Intercession Quotes

The message I would fain bring intercesslry is that the blessed Jesus is waiting, is longing, to teach them this. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


It is under a deep impression that the place and power of prayer in the Christian life is too little understood, that this book has been written.

Anddrew 18, Clara Roberts rated it it was amazing. But when we learn to regard it as the highest part of the work entrusted to us, the root and strength of all other work, we shall see that there is nothing that we so need to study and practice as the art of praying aright.

The Ministry of Intercession: A Plea for More Prayer by Andrew Murray

Mar 12, Mark A. Even after all these years. It is out of death, acknowledge as the desert of sin, confessed as utter helplessness, that He revives. There were a couple places where it seemed like he implied that our lack of prayer hinders God — which would mean that God isn’t completely sovereign.

I particularly found andew appendix on 31 days of helps to intercession beneficial and powerful–he gives you scriptures on what to pray for and HOW to pray. Buy it, read it! I love the way he speaks of drawing near to Jesus, and I’ve loved his books “Abide in Christ” ever since my teen years. intercewsory

The Ministry of Intercession: A Plea for More Prayer by Andrew Murray – Free Ebook

Even though this muray written way back in the day, it’s still absolutely relevant. I’m not so sure. However, this is a worthy read for anyone serious about meaningful prayer. If what I have written stir my reader to go to the Master’s words, and take His wondrous promises simply and literally as they stand, my object has been attained.

The Ministry of Intercession Quotes by Andrew Murray

In our blessed Priest-King, Jesus Christ, the kingly power is founded on the priestly ‘He is able to save to the uttermost, because He ever liveth to make intercession.


As I read, the Holy Spirit convicted and prompted me in a way few books have ever done.

It is when we believe this, and go and abide in Him for our prayer-life too, that our fears of not being able to pray aright will vanish, and we shall joyfully and triumphantly trust our Lord to teach us to pray, to be Himself the life and the power of our prayer. Each of these three books had infercessory emphasis and strengths, and different to I read this as the most recent of three books on prayer, praying for my adult child away at college.

There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. This is more in the devotional genre and will encourage you to greater prayer. Of course, others were praying, too, so nothing’s conclusive, but God is always free to do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

For instance, he spoke of prayer being “the one power on earth that commands the praer of heaven. To pray and ask if Him day and night always laboring. Refresh and try again. Of all the promises connected with the command, ‘ABIDE IN ME,’ there is none higher, and none that sooner brings the confession, ‘Not that I have already attained, or am intervessory made perfect,’ than this: It is not a question of what you can do.