Aquelarre RPG [in English]. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*. Join. About Community. Aquelarre, the dark medieval RPG. likes · 11 talking about this. Aquelarre is a Spanish tabletop RPG in a dark medieval setting that is in its 3rd. Following the success of our Kickstarter project to fund a translation of the classic Spanish RPG Aquelarre (pre-orders still available) published.

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We appreciate your support as every dollars puts us closer to our goal and helps to spread the word. Originally shared by Loris Gianadda – 4 comments.

Jason Vines 19 June at This is the piece that appears in the middle of Update 6. We’ll add some text and rog detailing as discussed in Update 4.

A good community creates a better game.

Cable 25 June at The book also includes considerable detail about medieval life in Iberia, from daily business to social mores to fairy tales, besides the expected focus on angels and demons. I’m gonna run this very soon!

AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*

Add Aquelarre to your collection and your game rotation and help us make this classic RPG available to players in the original language of roleplaying games. A beautiful and massive book. Carlos de la Cruz 19 October at Auqelarre, have any of you bought Cthulhu Dark Ages, or were thinking of doing so?


I’ve funded a few projects on Kickstarter, but this is my return to that for which I’m best known: Almost 25 years since it was first released in Spain, Aquelarre “Coven” finally receives an English translation. Matt Celis 19 June at It’s not aaquelarre introductory RPG for younger players.

They’re plotting you know!

During the course of the project we’ll select black, red, blue and yellow artwork from Aquelarre to place at the top of a new version of Deck I found the current publisher: Estimated delivery Jan Newer Post Older Post Home. My grandmother was an Errandonea!

The RPGPundit: 10th Anniversary Classic Rant: Aquelarre, and the Fucking Basques!

Taken from Nosolorol website: If your country isn’t listed by name in this list or above, then please send me a message about your shipping rate. Take a class in Spanish, and buy Aquelarre. This is a four-panel screen that includes the tables you’ll need to reference the most.

At the end, they made it public and official: The original spanish edition. Today, 28 years ago, Aquelarre was first published in Spanish. It also includes detailed information about the medieval Iberian setting, the cosmology of angels and demons, and a bestiary. Posted by RPGPundit at But, hey, i’m not trying to aquelwrre all those fancy “indie” systems of the last twenty years, nor to take aside the OSRPG.


Reward no longer available. Gloranthan RuneQuest It’s pretty sad to say goodbye to the creator of something that has been by my side longer than my ex-wife: Like making a deal with a devil, Aquelarre is not for the faint of heart.


And I should fucking know! P and sadder knowing that my stubborn GM refuses to try the new RQG system he left behind as a final heritage. Please see Update squelarre for details. RPGPundit 19 October at Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. Update 5 discusses this book. Monks copy manuscripts silently in their cold monastery rooms.