The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle craft mentioned in the DH . Just make up something a bit bigger and modify the Arvus rules slightly. Kaihlik. Crimson Fists Rules, New White Dwarf, Vostroyans Return & More! Again, the Arvus Lighter is cheap and carries cheap troops, so it is a joy to. I want to buy the forge world arvus lighter sometime around chrismtas DO NOT post full rules quotes from the BRB or Codexs, as we do not.

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Got myself an Avenger already hehe, Been in the process of painting it! Your ad here, right now: At most the Lost and the Damned can used them as a reserve fleet to back up other allied flyers.

Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. Quite frankly, your work is awesome. This message was edited 1 time. If you can spare the points and have a Fast Attack slot open then yes you’re allowed to use it and nobody should have issues with playing against you.

Does it even have rules? Seriously great looking stuff gules here.

The Arvus is mostly used as a cargo shuttle, ferrying supplies and sometimes personnel from ship-to-ship and from high orbit to the surface of planets. Not hard at all.

That’ll be a no then! The flyer makes a lovely terrain piece though and their easy to paint lots of big flat surfaces and sharp corners.


Arvus Lighter

The Arvus can also be used lightfr transport cargo and personnel already on the planet to different locations on the surface if the terrain is too treacherous. This page was last modified on 25 Marchat The Arvus can receive the following upgrades, including an ejector seat, an armoured cockpit, a flare or chaff launcher, an illumination flare launcher, or a searchlight. Each Arvus Lighter is equipped with no weaponry.

Views Read Edit View history. For the interior, i need to make the bulkheads that line the bay. I can take pics to further illustrate that if you like. I can’t believe anyone would buy the thing, it’s not a bad model but the price and rules I hope they illustrate what i am trying to say If you see in the pics below, there are 10mm graded lines on the cutting mat i use.

The Viper was made from epoxy filler and styrene sheet. Here is a download link from Rapidshare for all my Arvus reference in rues RAR folder Password is bar and the folder is just over 16mb in size. Assume all my mathhammer comes from here: K figure” or “SF3D figure” on Ebat and you will find most of them there.

Does anyone use the Forgeworld Arvus Lighter ? – Forum – DakkaDakka

An Arvus that was shot down by an Eldar Nightwing on the planet Betalis III The Arvus is mostly used as a cargo shuttle, ferrying supplies and sometimes personnel from ship-to-ship and from high orbit to the surface of planets. The Rhinos are mounted along the hull of the Transporter, grasped by clamps. They are the “Starshipmodeler” links. Evil Flyer Tricks Flyers enter the board and are anywhere you want them to be.


Scratchbuilding an Arvus – Forum – DakkaDakka

Does anyone use the Forgeworld Arvus Lighter? I was pottering away at this today at work. What would probably happen to the Arvus if the Rhino could survive unaided would be that the areas at which the two were joined would experiance failure weakening the heatshield and causing both to fail. Plus their extremely zealous Tech-Priest may take issue with “dis-quieting ” the APC’s machine spirit too frequently. Flyers can deliver troops anywhere you want them to be, srvus without the disadvantages of deep strike.


At the end of any of your Movement phasesthis unit may fly into battle — set it up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ away from enemy models. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. This unit contains 1 Arvus Arvys. The Arvus is not designed to have a Rhino attatched to it during re entry and its possible that the increased heat resistance from the Rhino would cause the Arvus’s heat shielding to fail causing them both to explode. Kabal of the Purple Blaze.