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I bought a couple of books i believe to resolve the questions in my mind. Cv Mhe – avalon Documents. After doing all this as per shastra, the favorable and unfavorable assimjl specific to person and subject, are worked out and shown in the form of a graph of desired 12 months period.

36 JodGraph MHE

This is the main rule of Hora shastra. For new subject- By starting new subject in favorable period of Graph, overall happiness, success can be achieved with certainty. Originally this was Hora Shastra. You can send by post also all above details and 9 subject nos.

Favorable period common to both has to be used as far as possible. Connection of this subject is rarely once in a year. Any ordinary salaried person also will have similar gain from small investment. About business- Work such as starting new business, to take decision due to some reason or difficulty, change a decision, remedies, rectification are included in this.

Whatever they gain on favorable days, nearly as much they loose on unfavorable days. Features of this report- 1. In fact I myself have done such research. Secondly, carelessness on a persons part will fritter away his gain; graph cannot be remedy for it. Happiness from considering only one subject can be incomplete. Amount can be paid to us by internet banking transfer OR by demand draft. There are many people daily trading on line in the share market. A- MAIN Subject- According to our Koshtashtak method, the favorability or unfavorability on the day of start of main subject indicates permanent inclination of destiny in that subject.


Then he will have overall happiness in that matter for long years to come. C- To do partnership with relatives choose appropriate subject numberfor not to have trouble due to enemies, feud, dispute, For no trouble from legal problems, To have no political trouble have gain.


The examples described in the book made it simpler view the concepts that Dale is teaching. You will see a moving line 3 Eo. If there is unfavorability in this subject, lots of efforts are assimi to be taken to bring some improvement. Anyones personal opinion does not prove of any use.

Instead taking guidelines separately for each questions, asskmil thought that it would be convenient for people to have guidelines for many planned actions in a year. There are three types in estate- 1 Purchased by ancesters, 2 purchased from own earning, 3 received without efforts, rental.

They wrote down the gains from all the jobs done in favorable periods. These persons like businessmen, factory owners, professionals, company owners can have large gains. Main thing is that if some work does not succeed, or goes against, then the resulting mental, financial, physical distress will be much less and its value cannot be measured by money. From date being favorable or unfavorable in the graph, guidelines are given in our method.


Nobody norwsgisch done this before. If somebody does not have gains even in favorable period, then the reason is that it is not in their destiny. Make alterations according to your personal requirements. It itself and illustrations are absolutely, incredibly extraordinary.

Immediately I understood what had happened and told them, Whatever you have done was all in the favorable periods. It is easy to send same information from our website. In twelve months, the loss can be several thousand, or hundreds of thousands.

36 JodGraph MHE

Please note that in absence of this information, report will be from current month and will be in Marathi. You might have gone to any astrologer with a question to ask. Person-specific favorable-unfavorable periods by Jeevanmargdarshan method and its use- In Jeevanmargdarshan method we use GRAPHIC and give both favorable and unfavorable periods for particular person and for subjects he requires.

Send nhe such assimol with necessary data to us by Email and get convinced yourself. Above point should be always remembered when investigating our report.