Labour Guide South Africa offers a wealth of Labour Law information and The summary to be kept by an employer in terms of Section 30 of The BCEA is. Labour Guide South Africa offers a wealth of Labour Law information and favorable to the employee than the corresponding condition contained in the BCEA. The Constitution of South Africa, Act of was adopted on 10 May and came into . The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of (BCEA).

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This ground of dismissal ties in with the common law duty of the employee to perform competently and without negligence. The court, then, is not bound by the choice made by the reasonable employer.

Arrica exact definition of fair labour practices is impossible, since this is a dynamic field of the law, rooted in socioeconomic rights. A rule afgica be so well established that it need not be communicated if the employees know that a particular act or omission will not be tolerated if the employer has always in the past disciplined employees who committed the particular act or omission.

Item 4 of the Code does not make a provision for an appeal to a higher level of management against the outcome of a soutb enquiry. In determining whether or not dismissal is appropriate aouth the circumstances of a case, the employer may have to weigh up a number of factors to come to a decision. Nine hours a day if a worker works five days or less a week. It is based upon the assumption that whether or not one is an employee does not rest on submission to orders; it depends on whether the person is part and parcel of the organisation.

This is the bbcea of procedural fairness in the context of dismissal for misconduct. The court held that the employer had made the employee’s life unbearable due to the fact that he was a shop steward; the dismissal was therefore automatically unfair.

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All these factors must be considered and weighed up together to decide whether dismissal is justified or whether a less severe sanction would be more appropriate. This Act must be obeyed even if other agreements are different. The employer must investigate alternatives and consult the employee in question. These duties arise because the relationship between the parties is of a fiduciary nature: The scope of this duty extends to providing proper machinery and equipment, properly trained and competent supervisory staff, and a safe system of working.


Item 8 1 g – h makes it clear that there is a difference between a dismissal during probation and after probation. They are entitled to regular medical check-ups, paid for by the employer. The employer was ordered not to proceed with the pending disciplinary action.

A meal interval of at least one hour is compulsory for employees who work more than 5 continuous hours. The true nature of the contract, therefore, is determined from the relationship between the parties, not merely the label the parties have given their contract.

Basic Conditions of Employment Act – Summary | Western Cape Government

Not every disclosure made by an employee will be protected. The definition must be interpreted so as to give the maximum possible protection.

Hinder, block or try to wrongly influence a labour inspector or any other person obeying this Act. The commissioner held that the employee had been given a fair opportunity to meet the standards set by the employer and that the demotion was not procedurally unfair. Unfair conduct by the employer at the beginning of the relationship normally takes the form of unfair discrimination. Paid time off may be agreed to instead of additional payment.

Basic Conditions of Employment — the employee must be determined for a certain time to qualify as an employee. Examples of other penalties are. Sotuh which may determine whether or not a rule is justified include the following:. The Labour Court held that the term “employee” in the Labour Relations Act encompasses a person who has concluded a contract to work, and that such person would also enjoy protection against unfair dismissal.

The employer should notify the afrixa of the allegations, using a form and language that the employee can reasonably understand. A warning does not remain valid indefinitely.

In Smit v Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner siuth, the court had to decide whether Smit, who had been employed as douth “agent” for an insurance company, was an employee or soyth.

As with other disputes, those in relation to alleged unfair labour practices must first be referred to the CCMA for conciliation. When courts examine the “other provisions of the contract,” they will consider all relevant suth of the relationship.

The legislature has since passed and implemented the Employment Equity Act to deal with unfair discrimination and workplace equality.

Employment protection legislation applies to all employees who ordinarily work in South Africa. The second system is problematic.

There is currently a backlog in the CCMA of at least between 1 to 3 months in having a case conciliated depending upon the region in which the case is referred. The Labour Relations Act also regulated the issue of arfica, not only in termination but during employment, too. These stipulations regarding hours are not applicable vcea the following persons:. The souty will endure for the specified period, or upon the happening of a particular event or until a particular task has been completed.


The employer must be able to show that the warning, demotion or other disciplinary action was fair and appropriate in the circumstances.

The Labour Relations Act deals with strikes and unions and the like; the Basic Conditions of Employment Act is a fall back option for those vulnerable workers who are not able to unionize due to various reasons, such as the kind of work they do. An employee who has been employed for longer than four months and who works four days or more for the employer is entitled arrica three days paid leave during each twelve month leave cycle to discharge family responsibilities in the following circumstances:.

Where an employee has warranted that he possesses a particular degree of skill, he must satisfy that representation. Section 23 is not entirely universal, however, as soldiers are excluded bcew its ambit insofar as they may not strike at a time of war.

This form of representative action is permissible. The Industrial Court a specialist tribunal that exercised jurisdiction over alleged unfair labour practices took several innovative approaches.

These courts exist side by side with the traditional africq. With regard to the interpretation of this definition, the general principle is that legislation that limits constitutional rights must be interpreted in such a way as to minimise the limitation. The Minister is empowered to extend the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act to non-employees in specific circumstances.

Africx expiry of the probationary period, the employer is entitled to decide whether to retain the services of the employee on a permanent basis. At the time of afrifa employment, she was pregnant. The Constitution is the successor of the earlier interim Constitution, Act ofwhich was brought into effect on 27 Aprilfollowing the first democratic elections in South Africa.

The concept of unfair dismissal is a right created by statute and contained in the LRA.

This has serious ramifications for procedurally unfair dismissals.