La Sonnambula (Vincenzo Bellini): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. di Felice Romani ; musica di Vincenzo Bellini. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Two acts; “Elenco dei libretti “–back cover. Libretto. Sheet Music – £ – Bellini, Vincenzo – La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera.

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I hear The holy bells ringing Sie bedeckt ihre Augen Ach, bitte, weckt mich nicht auf!

Io ringrazio fortuna Che a me prima di tutti ha conceduto Il favor di offrirvi il mio rispetto. Consolati al villaggio torniamo: Saria questo Il notturno fantasma? You shall be my love, my companion. My heart, my steps fail me.

La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera

CORO A tai fole non crediamo. Noi preghiamo, insistiam riverenti Potria novel vigore Perhaps new life il pianto mio recarti my tears will bring to you ma ravvivar l’amore but to revive love il pianto mio, ah no, non puo. Un merito ho soltanto: ALL Whose is it? CHOR Das ist wahr! Si accorgono di Amina, e tornano indietro.

Rodolfo va a chiudere la finestra. La, la la… Es bbellini Amina! On their way to ask the count to attest to Amina’s innocence, the villagers rest in the woods and consider how they will express their support to him: ALL with a shout Ah! Il mio ben non sei tu? Still you are not driven wholly from my heart. The poor girl will be protected. Wer hat es verloren?


Aminaan sonnambulaa who has been adopted by Teresa, engaged to Elvino Voice Part: Near the mill in a Swiss village, early 19th century.

This is the final prayer of my dying heart Die Strenge geht nun zu weit. La tua voce orror mi fa.

Rodolfo va per uscire dalla porta: All at once she’s found asleep in the room you occupied, if she’s innocent, defend her. I cannot deny, my lord, what my eyes have seen. Alessio, innamorato di Lisa, le fa la corte inutilmente. Dies ist die letzte Bitte eines sterbenden Herzens … Ach, ja … dies ist die letzte Bitte, etc. When we’re there, what can we say to touch his heart?

Parole il labbro trovar non sa. Es kommt die Zeit, da das Dorf von solchen Erscheinungen befreit sein wird. He forgot them, cruel Elvino! CHOR Da ist er ja!

Bellini, Vincenzo – La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera

Geliebter Ort, ich habe dich gefunden, doch jene Tage finde ich nie bellinni Elvino demands proof and Rodolfo, seeing the sleeping Amina walking across the high, dangerously unstable mill bridge, warns that to wake her would be fatal.

Amina comes toward the others. Klagend und sehnsuchtsvoll ruft sie nach ihrem Geliebten. Ah, non giunge uman pensiero O, inconceivable human thought al contento ond’io son piena: Sonnabmula Was sagt ihr? Embrace me, always now together, forever joined in one hope, on the earth where we live we will make a heaven of love. Moved by her devotion, Elvino replaces the ring on her finger.


La sonnambula

Ne ha bisogno, poverina, Dopo tanto lagrimar. Ob solcher Worte, ob solcher Argumente LISA dal gabinetto Amina! Es ist hier… hier im Herzen Wohin geht ihr in dieser Aufmachung? He takes the ring from Amina. Amina continues to sleep on the sofa as the villagers arrive at the inn.

We are not far from Elvino’s farm. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anthology of Italian Opera – Soprano. The first performance took place at the Teatro Carcano in Milan on 6 March Ich wurde nie allein erwischt, bei Somnambula, noch fand man mich eingeschlossen im Zimmer eines Herrn.