Medizinische Bildgebung. [Volume 7: Medical Imaging]. Ed. by Dössel, Olaf / Buzug, Thorsten M. Die bildgebenden Verfahren in der Medizin. Dössel, Olaf. Olaf Dössel. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Dössel. Sprecher der kollegialen Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin II · Vorlesung. Lichttechnik-Hörsaal (LTI) External. – Buy Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin: Von der Technik zur medizinischen Anwendung book online at best prices in Olaf Dössel (Author).

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Its concept and performance were benchmarked against PCA using simulated data and demonstratedon measured electrograms. IEEE transactions on medical imaging 28 9, In the end, the method was validated using the QT database from PhysioNet. Computer models of the thorax and whole heart were produced from MR images. Our in silico results show that medizim amplitudes of unipolar electrograms from mini electrodes are more suitable to differentiate ablated and nonablated tissue compared to electrograms from the distal ablation electrode.

Non-invasive localization of premature ventricular beat PVB foci is very important for medical treatment of numerous cardiac diseases.

Print Flyer Recommend to Librarian. On the pathological side, modeling atrial remodeling and fibrotic tissue are other important aspects.

Using a specific formulation of Maxwell’s equations, the local SAR is estimated via postprocessing of the complex transmit sensitivity of the radiofrequency antenna involved.

The aim vrefahren this work is to i present a simple but feasible method to measure CV restitution in-vivo using standard circular catheters, and ii validate its feasibility with data measured during incremental pacing.

Template-based correction and subject-specific correction perform equally well. In this manuscript, the current efforts of clinical atrial modeling in the euHeart project are summarized within the context of recent publications in this field.


The heterogeneities in cell electrophysiology explain the previously observed Ta-wave effects.

Medizinische Bildgebung

The spatio-temporal filter parameters were automatically adapted in contrast to the other investigated filters. Within the scope of this method patient’s multichannel ECG is used as a reference for optimization of an electrophysiological cardiac model. The transient absorption spectra K indicate strong similarities between self-trapped excitons in the crystals and free excimers, but only in the energy region up to 1. For the metaheuristic algorithm, it was necessary to subdivide the heart into regions in order to verfahrdn a stable solution unsusceptible to the errors, while the analytical DC scheme can be efficiently applied for higher dimensional problems.

The bridge to data that are measured in the catheter laboratory and on the body surface ECG is under construction. For each pacing cycle length, the mean local CV was determined.

These changes mainly occurred in the first 10 s after ablation onset. Anisotropic conduction was simulated with a bidomain dsel in an anatomical ventricle model including realistic fiber orientation and transmural, apico-basal, and interventricular electrophysiological heterogeneities.

Reconstruction quality was evaluated using the spatial correlation coefficient of TMVs as well as estimated local activation times LAT. Secondly, it is challenging to obtain invasive ground truth data of high quality.

In tissue, spatial heterogeneous ischemia was described by central ischemic CIZ and border zone. The aim of bildgebnde computational study is to assess and understand the arrhythmogenic mechanisms of these genetic disorders berfahren the cellular and tissue level as a basis for the improvement of therapeutic strategies.

In application of the new technique, no additional expensive and sophisticated hardware is required other than the currently existing cardiac navigation system. Conduction velocity CV and CV restitution are important substrate parameters for understanding atrial arrhythmias.


The overall tracking accuracy is lower when using binary catheter models. The inverse mapping algorithm was applied to an experimentally acquired sensor data set from a three-dimensional phantom. Please find details to our shipping fees here. The method aims at determining heart phases with minimum inconsistency of the motion state in the selected projection bildgebehde.

Bildgebende Verfahren in Der Medizin : Olaf Dössel :

To overcome this problem, in this work, parallel transmit radiofrequency pulses are adapted to the position in sampling k-space. Magnetische Resonanztomographie Schaeffter, Tobias Pages Electrocardiographic imaging ECG imaging is a method to depict electrophysiological processes in the heart. An aggregation of experimental, clinical and simulation data from various centers is being made available through the EDGAR project including experimental data from animal studies provided by the University of Utah USAclinical data from multiple human subjects provided by the Charles University Hospital Czech Republicand computer simulation data provided by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany.

Respiratory motion in coronary magnetic resonance angiography: The practical use of local SAR constraints is feasible with consistent results for a variety of body models.

Olaf Dössel (Author of Bildgebende Verfahren In Der Medizin)

However, the electrophysiological mechanisms underlying the initiation and persistence of AF are not completely understood yet. In den Lebenswissenschaften ist die Individualisierte Medizin aktuell ein zentrales Thema, vielleicht ein Hype. Depending on the patient’s pathology and conduction velocity, a reduction of E RMS between physiological and therapeutic excitation could be reached. The method allows for in-vivo measurements of absolute CV and CV restitution during standard clinical procedures.