That said, I’ll say that Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” gets points for reportage, for his interviews and legwork. “Blackwater”, unlike P.W. Singer’s “Corporate. Jeremy Scahill: The only punishment doled out to US security men involved in deadly shootings is a jet home. Buy the Paperback Book Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over $25!.

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You can argue they know what they signed up for, but Blackwater is so shady that who knows what they were really told, and how much time they all had to really review what they signed. Then they realized they could take all the other ex-special ops dudes like themselves, except poorer, and sell their bodies as weapons of war to do the politically dirty work of guarding detested US colonial politicians using any means necessary, as in, quite literally as detailed in the book, shooting at any Iraqis in the vicinity, even if the convoy is driving without warning through a crowded city square.

I don’t think their politics really surprise anyone. He just hasn’t been able to get beyond his need to Find the Bad Guys. Arguably, he also dismisses too lightly Blackwater’s growing self-image as the respectable heir to a long and honorable tradition of contract soldiering.

Private companies are not held accountable to the public and very hard to be monitored by journalists or non-governmental organizations, unlike the US military. No, this book has much more to do with rapid privatisation of the military as opposed to one particular organisation, and does spend quite a lot of time looking at not only their role in the Iraq War, but also a lot of background with regards to the war.

Classic muckraking on the mercenary, military contractor, “peace and security” industry, focusing on Blackwater’s story in particular.

Even writing a review of this book has drained me to the point where I just throw an “et cetera” at the end of my sentence because I don’t feel like going on anymore.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

The growth of Blackwater was exponential during the years of a Republican government and was not curbed enough under a Democratic president. Perhaps the greatest enemy to the United States is its military-industrial complex.


Report a Problem Closed Captioning. To ask blackwwter readers questions about Blackwaterplease sign up. One of America’s most prominent conservative evangelicals, Rev. With inherited wealth and his personal background as a Navy SEAL, he put his knowledge and money together to start up Blackwater, hired qualified people, established then made use of connections and we The scahill looks for opportunity. Actually, there are probably a lot of aspects of army life that can be farmed out to the private sector so that the force can become a lot more leaner.

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It did not take a decade, however, until a private army of 50, men emerged. Another location for Blackwater is the Caspian Sea region. The thing with cost plus is that the company bills the government for the cost of the service, plus any profit on top.

He describes further how Blackwater at the time of writing serves in Iraq and Afghanistan like, in his judgement, a Praetorian Guardprotecting top authority figures and enjoying immunity from the usual constraints and regulations on traditional armies.

The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater | Bill Moyers | PBS

But not all mercenaries came from the USA and Europe in the sense of maximizing profits, because they demanded horrendous prices. Scahill won the George Polk Award for his reporting on Blackwater. However, there are problems when it comes to that. In other words, Chilean mercenaries in Iraq is business as usual. In particular, the former Latin American death squads and unemployed South African apartheid soldiers enjoyed enormous popularity due to their efficiency and experience and were used in large numbers in Iraq.

First, a little background on my own biases: In an interview with PBS on frontline a spokesperson of KBR repeatedly dodged the question about the cost of the operation. Blackwater CEO Erik Prince has been answering questions about his security firm and its involvement in the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians.

Naturally, no proof is required and the US government hides the figures so no one can check — a clear indication that there is something worth hiding. Also the short-sightedness, what will happen now that we don’t have a president who matches agendas with the owners of this large private army?


It is the recipe for endless war in the commercialization of combat and the completion of the vision of religious conservatives such as Chuck Prince that the U. I do have some quibbles with this book. Another point that was laughable was when he talked about Blackwater’s “dubious” business practices.

To reduce cost and boost their profits, they cut down on security measures, pushing their employees into dangerous situations with inappropriate protection.

Scahill’s book does not provide any analysis of real value. Then let us consider the idea of the cost-plus arrangement, which simply turns into a means of siphoning government money into the coffers of the private company.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill

Their deaths are a PR issue, but that’s about it. This is a fine documentary work in the course of which we learn about the religious conservatives with an adamant view of the salvation of the world through tough United States action; the neoconservative outlook. Beyond the tasks Blackwater performed in Iraq and Afghanistan, they also ingratiated themselves in the Katrina response, taking part in disaster profiteering. The capitalist looks for opportunity.

I’ll end on jerwmy note: Blackwzter private forces could scahipl helped halt the atrocities in Rwanda in no time. Books of the Week. Bill Moyers The Journal: Krieg gegen das eigene Volk. This book covers Iraq and mercenaries in great detail. Bill Moyers interviews journalist Jeremy Scahill to help separate the spin from the reality. This is actually one of the major problems when you are dealing with fixed term, and no bid, contracts. Nov 15, Chad Walker rated it it was ok Shelves: And yes, not surprisingly they cost far less than trained combat soldiers.