Blender Keyboard Shortcuts. By Blender for Beginners · Updated about 6 years ago. Will add keyboard short cuts as we progress – no need to try and learn . Downloaded the Blender beta 2 and found a new modo theme. Thought it was interesting. I think they did a pretty good job. Also included. A quick question for users of Blender (or then change the scale and position from the Transform menu on the right (shortcut N).

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Masks are used to “protect” parts of the model from being edited by the sculpting tools. They appear blendrr darkened areas of the mesh. The darker a masked area is, the less effect sculpting on it will have.

Masks can be edited with the mask brush, as well as cleared or inverted accross the entire model.


The masking feature is active as soon as sculpt mode is entered; there is no separate toggle. In order to edit the mask, select the mask brush from the Shortduts panel.

The mask brush can also be toggled with the M. Pressing M will also create a mask brush if none currently exist.

Setting and using a background image in Blender – Mesh – SecondLife Community

The mask brush has two modes, Draw and Smooth. The View Plane mode is identical to Fixed — the current view angle is used to project the brush texture onto the model. Area Plane mode projects the brush texture along the local surface normal, blejder keeps the texture from stretching when sculpting on a portion of the mesh that is at an extreme angle to the viewpoint. In the example to the right, two brush dabs were applied to the side of the model left — the top dab applied using View Plane mode and the bottom using Area Plane mode.


Blender Keyboard Shortcuts

The result shown head-on in the middle demonstrated the texture shape preservation was optimized using Area Plane projection. Sculpt, vertex paint, and weight paint have a new Input Samples option accessible from the 3D View toolbar.

Recent mouse locations input samples are averaged together to smooth brush strokes. To quickly focus on where an object is being sculpted, the 3D view centering operator Numpad. By pressing Esc while in the middle of a sculpt stroke, the stroke will be canceled and any changes will be undone.

Dev:Ref/Release Notes/2.64/Sculpting

Ref Release Notes 2. What links here Related changes Permanent link.

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