Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Though it never goes for the Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab – Kindle edition by Christine Montross. Download it once and read it on your . Montross, Christine Body of Work is a cleverly crafted memoir – or, rather, the first chapter of a memoir – of the author’s medical school. A “gleaming, humane” (The New York Times Book Review) memoir of the relationship between a cadaver named Eve and a first-year medical student Medical.

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This is one of those rare reads that got into my marrow and changed at least for a time, if not forever my way of thinking about things; not merely mortality and the relationship of my physical being to that slippery concept of what constitutes a “self”, but much de I admit to being somewhat reluctant to review this book, as if to do so is to finally let go of the experience of reading it, much like writing the epitaph of a loved one might mean another step in letting go of the fact of a life.

If you’re interested in how the body works and you want a sort of coming of age story combined then this book is great. Return to Book Page. My name is Yap Lian Chin and my email address is theowl gmail. The layman might well assume that the distinctions between alive and dead, between male and female, are among the simplest.

I tell her that it is not at all the way one would intuitively treat a living body.

Or some of each? Place Published New York. No, but it may give you some insight into the doctors.


Body of Work is written by a first-year med student, as she mintross her classmates dissect a human body. Moral of the story: In addition I wanted to be as present as possible to feel as if I had been an observer to her journey, both in the lab and out.

Chen – whether I wanted to read yet another one. Their cadaver is a female. I will read it again and again, as you should. Anatomy is probably impossible to properly describe through words alone, I recommend getting a body or going on tour at a local cadaver lab.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Body of Work by Christine Montross is very interesting and informative on the subject of the human body.

Body of Work by Christine Montross | : Books

At one point the author talks about returning home after a day in the operating room and shares this thought with her partner: All that said, I am freaking thrilled vody Body of Work over all. Grief, fear, pain, love. Extremely eloquent, sobering while at the same time comforting.

It will hardly be noticed, I discover, as I walk down the [street] I am in awe of every single person that embarks on the journey of going through medical school.

They dissect the lungs and heart first learning the chambers and rotation of blood throughout the body.

Trivia About Body of Work: Body of Work is a narrative of the medical student’s rite of passage far better written than most although not including all the aforementioned authors, some of whom have furnished laudatory blurbs for the author on the book jacketby a sensitive woman who describes herself prior to cbristine school as “at various times a poet, a university writing instructor, a high-school English teacher to a group of troubled kids.

I felt like i have written it myself with all these feelings and thoughts. Once the thoracic dissection was done they were ready to begin the arm dissection. Dec 28, Bryan Zorko rated it liked it.


We also get a sense of the mental and physical stress that these students undergo – not all of them make it through the entire term. If these are things that you can not imagine even reading about, perhaps this is not a book for you, but I can definitely say that Montross describes these things very genuinely as challenging and wotk tasks which changed her in one way or another – I found it all fascinating to read about.

Body of Work

Why, then, is Montross so reluctant to cut and saw and prod and pry into this lifeless slab of a former human?

The bodies are preserved in formalin, with their heads and limbs wrapped in gauze to prevent dehydration. I wanted to, mojtross was very interested having studied anatomy and worki Finally, I have finished this book!

The student doctors must learn to take it all in with equanimity. Another aspect of the book I liked was its lack of criticisms.

Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab

Instantly became a favorite. But at the same time you are putting yourself in the authors shoes, wondering how you would react in the same situations. Despite the apparently incongruous collection of such asides, the author makes it work smoothly, if not seamlessly.