Humans In Universe · Synergy · Synergetics · Universe · System · Conceptuality · Structure · Tensegrity. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [R. Buckminster Fuller, Arthur L. Loeb, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Synergetics 2: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [Richard Buckminster Fuller, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The question is whether this has any practical application for ordinary life, beyond being merely an interesting topic of discussion.

Although I don’t recall any references to a philosophy of humans in community in Synergetics besides the electronic votingI think we need to review Fuller’s essays in Ekistics before we can safely claim that Fuller didn’t develop any specific thinking regarding communities. Several authors have tried to characterize the importance of synergetics. Its emphasis on visual and spatial phenomena combined with Fuller’s holistic approach fosters the kind of lateral thinking which so often leads to creative breakthroughs.

Eugene booker rated it it was amazing Dec 26, buck,inster The most common duller is to just use however many digits our calculator gives us, which is usually too many, and get a bigger calculator if its not enough.

Buckminster Fuller” in International Philosphical Quarterly 22 Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Metaphysical includes all the experiences that are excluded by the definition of physical. Customers who bought this item also bought. It would seem logical that even if there were exceptions to Fuller’s tetrahedronal concept of the shape of space, Carbon would surely obey these geometric principles if the principles are true. Its emphasis fulle visual and spatial phenomena combined with Fuller’s holistic approach fosters the kind of lateral thinking which so often leads to creative breakthroughs.


The constraints I have arbitrarily placed require that the polyhedron be formed by a whole number of equivalent triangles placed about a center point. He focuses on “events” and “relationships,” characterized respectively by the vertices and edges of polygons. One of his no longer hungry children now can focus in school and goes on to become an important scientist precessional effect.

Gerald De rated it really liked it Nov 22, A Fuller Explanation Amy Edmondson. Oct 06, Bjckminster Siegmund rated it it was amazing.

English Choose a language for shopping. Moreover, the dynamic nature of synergetics implies that we need not synergetlcs stuck permanently in paradigms as Thomas Kuhn suggests. The IVM scaffolding or skeletal framework was defined by cubic closest packed spheres CCPalternatively known as the FCC or face-centered cubic lattice, or as the octet truss in architecture on which Fuller held a patent.

Further Explorations in the Geometry of Thinkingand Cosmography. I have already been dishonest by rating this book because I have never really been able to place it definitely in my mind.

R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics

Becky rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Organic chemists would describe it as a quadrivalent tetrahedral structure. Is it fair to say that Bucky’s written grammar and syntax was at least as complex and intricate as his oral presentation?


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. This article’s tone or style may buckmminster reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. His text is heavy with his unusual jargon, as well as paragraph-length sentences.

Applewhite, was Fuller’s name for the geometry he advanced based on the patterns of energy that he saw in nature.

Table of Contents

Bucky’s buckminstfr thoughts on the importance of synergetics were presented in the Exhibit Brochure. Begin with a tetrahedron, circumscribe a cube, and for the octahedron, take the tuller to the cube in the sense that the edge of duals perpendicularly bisect each other. Weave, weaver of the wind. Experience with synergetics encourages a new way of approaching and solving problems. Second-root-of-two would be a shorthand symbol within a computational notation with a granular, integer underpinning.

Despite reading horror stories of the book being utterly incomprehensible, I managed to get a good sense of what Bucky describes in Synergetics.