Hello, is there a book on how to start using CADSTAR? -or a tutorial anywhere,? my company is loosing patience with me as i struggle to learn. CADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing an intuitive work Throughout CADSTAR’s Schematic and PCB design editors, the menu items. Supporting the potential need to work with PCB designs in the Zuken® CADSTAR™ format, Altium Designer includes a CADSTAR Importer for.

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How to create a part with a dummy footprint: Autorouting using the Embedded Router You should try youtube.

CADSTAR Demonstration Movies | Zuken

There cadsatr a lot of video tutorials around there. If you have any doubt you can contact their support also there is one community, on yahoo gruops, of Cadstat users.


If you search then the self teach files are available too. You may like ask questions on here. The tutorials I mention are available here if you register.

Read the help that comes with cadstar, it has lots of info in it. Similar Threads pspice book or tutorial 6. Looking for an elementary tutorial on Cadstar 1. Looking for theory cadstwr and tutorial book for UWB design Useful material about drawing and analyzing layout 4. Part and Inventory Search.

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Demonstration Movies of Key Features

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