Español: Manuscrito con el texto de la carta de Cristóbal Colón al escribano de ración de la Corona de Aragón (Luis de Santángel) dando. Carta de Cristobal Colón a Luis de Santangel (hoja 6). Items Letter of Columbus to Luis de Santangel, dated 15 February x Print . [5 lines] / fecha ha quato[r]ze dias de marzo: / Esta Carta en bio Colom.

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There are many spices and vast mines of gold and other metals in this island. This public-domain content provided by the Independence Hall Associationa nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in In other coloj, all the printed editions, Spanish and Latin, derive from the same Spanish letter to Luis de Santangel.

The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery

The nightingale and other small birds of cadta thousand kinds were singing in the month of November when I was there. You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain cklon the United States.

Public domain Public domain false false. A translation of the Latin letter into German prose was undertaken in The anthropological notes in Columbus’s letter are relatively sparse.

In all, seventeen editions of the letter were published between and He notes that the natives usually fled when approached. Rather, Columbus’s letter is primarily focused on the natives’ interaction with the Spaniards, underlining their docility and amenability and other points relevant for the prospects of successful future colonization religion, exchange, notions of property, work capacity.

Columbus says the monsters are reported to be long-haired, very ferocious, and “eat human flesh” “los quales comen carne humana”. In Hispaniola, in the most convenient place, most accessible for the gold mines and all commerce with the mainland on this side or with that of the great Khan, on the other, with which there would be great trade and profit, I have taken possession of a santabgel town, which I have named the City of Navidad.

Santagel have seen some of these canoes with seventy and eighty men in them, and each had an oar. No original manuscript copy of Columbus’s letter is known to exist.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the crata of the Barcelona edition there is a codicil stating:. However, Columbus proclaims disbelief in the existence of these “monsters”, or rather suggests this is likely just a local Indian myth pertaining to some distant Indian seafaring tribe who are probably not unlike themselves “I regard them as of no more account than the others”, “yo no los tengo en nada mas que a los otros”.


For a long time, historians believed the Latin edition was based on the copy of the letter sent by Columbus to the Catholic monarchs as mentioned at the end of the Spanish letter to Santangeland that Columbus’s address to the treasurer Gabriel Sanchez was merely a courtly formality.

The story of the second copy of the letter, the one ostensibly sent to the Catholic Monarchs, has been more complicated. The resulting poor condition of his ship forced him to put in at Lisbon Portugal on March 4, The queen had already made some significant promises Capitulations of Santa Fewhich Columbus reminded her of in the Copiador letter.

In the printed letters, Columbus claims to be bringing back some of the gold island’s “bald-headed” inhabitants with him. The papal bull Inter caeteradelivering the pope’s initial opinion, was issued on May 3,albeit there remained disputed santangrl to work out a second and third colob followed soon after. These women have no feminine occupation, but use bows and arrows of cane like those before mentioned, and cover and arm themselves with plates of copper, of which they have a great quantity.

Cartes anunciant el descobriment de les Índies

The Latin editions contain no postscript, but end with a verse epigram added by Leonardus de Cobraria, Bishop of Monte Peloso. Almost santangrl after Columbus’s arrival in Spain, printed versions of the letter began to appear.

Preserved at the Archivo General de Simancas Spain. A German translation appeared in The letter was instrumental in spreading the news throughout Europe about Columbus’s voyage.

Catalog Record: The letter in Spanish of Christopher Columbus | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Therefore I hope that their Highnesses will decide upon the conversion of these people to our holy faith, to which they seem much inclined. He described the islands, particularly Hispaniola xolon Cubaexaggerating their size and wealth, and suggested that mainland China probably lay nearby. The term “India beyond the Ganges” India extra Gangem was the archaic term frequently used by earlier geographers e. Vespucci’s letters, by comparison, spoke to a more common imagination— new worldsparadises on earth, noble czrtasocieties without masters and the folly of the ancientsappealed to common curiosity and intrigued the scientific interests of the Renaissance humanists of the day.


As I know you will be rejoiced at the glorious success that our Lord has given me in my voyage, I write this to tell you how in thirty-three coon I sailed to the Indies with the fleet that the illustrious King and Queen, our Sovereigns, gave me, where I discovered a great many islands, inhabited by numberless people; and of all I have taken possession for their Highnesses by proclamation and display of the Royal Standard without opposition.

In all the Indies I always found the temperature like that of May. Gabriel Sanchez himself was also accused, but ee was soon extricated by his employer, King Ferdinand II. Daelli with a foreword by Cesare Correnti Indeed, there was no point in reprinting the Latin editions either, once the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed in June To the first island I discovered I gave the name of San Salvador, in commemoration of His Divine Majesty, who has wonderfully granted all this.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I went thither and followed its northern coast to the east, as I had done in Juana, one hundred and seventy-eight leagues eastward, as in Juana. Copies of Columbus’s letter were somehow picked up by publishers, and printed editions of his letter began to appear throughout Europe within weeks of Columbus’s return to Spain. Apparently based on the Basel edition.

Letter To Santangel Stock Photos & Letter To Santangel Stock Images – Alamy

From that point I saw another isle to the eastward, at cooon leagues’ distance, to which I gave the name of Hispaniola. Many other things of value will be discovered by the men I left behind me, as I stayed nowhere when the wind allowed me to pursue my voyage, except in the City of Navidad, which I left fortified and safe.

Christopher Columbusa Genoese captain in the service of the Crown of Castileset out on his first voyage in August with the objective of reaching the East Indies by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean.