Kolejna odsłona (Notorious); Dziewczyna super 3. Niepokorna (Reckless); Dziewczyna super 4. Bez przebaczenia. book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Wikipedia(5 entries). edit. frwiki It Girl; nowiki The It Girl; plwiki Dziewczyna Super; ptwiki The It Girl; svwiki The It Girl. Dziewczyna Super by. Cecily von Ziegesar,. Małgorzata Strzelec (Translator). avg rating — 12, ratings — published — 26 editions. Want to Read .

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If the rest were as light and fun as this story, I might have given the whole book stars. Many stories were quite confusing and you had to ask yourself if the author did actually ziegwsar read! Ceci,y I’ll get to the rest before I return this book to the library, but I doubt it. This should have been edited better not just the order but also the stories themselves. Oooooh, boys snogging all the time.

The It Girl – Wikidata

A play in one act”, So Rachel Cohn–I liked how this story humanized everyone, and the ending bit was sweet. Other than that, I didn’t think the plot was very interesting and it was too short for me to tell suer I really liked it or not.

Some stories were original, but most– even some told by authors I love! A girl is going to prom with her boyfriend, who is a very good friend of her older brother. I picked this up because it’s currently prom season, and I thought it might be enjoyable ceciily read some short stories about it.


Ziegessr couldn’t relate much to the constant eighties references, and I didn’t love the characters, but it wasn’t terrible. They want to come out of my mouth, all the time.

Books by Małgorzata Strzelec

Billy Merrell–I liked this. I liked the character’s perspective on things; that she could have fun even though she went alone and she was not one of the popular ones etc. I don’t know what to say; I guess I was disappointed.

What the fuck did I just read? But I really don’t like JG’s writing.

Aimee Friedman–an interesting way to work in classic mythology and the three fates. On a brighter note though, it was not ziegesag bad as If I Stay. Not crazy like some other stories, and yet still interesting.

I might have liked this story better if I read it stoned which I don’t think I’ll dare to try.

The girl was a rude brat and yeah not even relevant to this anthology. It was so unrealistic. Chicken – Jodi Lynn Anderson: Interesting, but just mildly so. This story broke my heart a little. Refresh and try again.

Tylko ciebie chcę. Plotkara 6 – Cecily von Ziegesar • BookLikes (ISBN)

There are some that I’m still not sure what they were about. The entire family depicted in this story was awfully abrasive. I want a book of her. Quotes from 21 Proms. Collection of short stories about various authors prom experiences – interesting at first, but gets boring if you try to read them all at once.


This is meant to be a homosexual story but it’s actually just kind of making fun of it and yeah I hated this. Apr 27, Claire rated it it was ok Shelves: I feel like these words are written on dzeiwczyna arms whenever I push up my sleeves, written on my cheeks whenever they relax out of my fake smile. If someone is going to put together an anthology there is more to it then having multiple people write their version and stick it together.

If it was a metaphor for homosexuality, did it have to be bestiality? I don’t know if I liked for what it is or if I just liked it because of the fact that John Green wrote it, ziegessar, either way, I enjoyed that one.