strategy and Conpes (National Planning Policy guidelines for cyber security and defense). CERTIFICATION. Colombia does not. Transcript of CONPES Conclusiones Se busca con esta politica establecer lineamientos que permitan al govierno colombiano proteger. Generar lineamientos de política en ciberseuridad y ciberdefensa orientados a desarrollar una estrategia nacional que contrarreste el.

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Law of Defines principles and concepts relating to the information society and the organization of information and communication technologies ICTs. H, H, R Keywords: Effects of the Core Problem As regards cybersecurity, Colombia has also been the target of attacks.

This objective will make it possible to generate -and strengthen existing- capacities in the area of cybersecurity, so as to be able to deal with threats that undermine the proposed aims. The Colombian Congress recently passed the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Law, which introduces monitoring and oversight mechanisms for these activities. Internet subscribers, – Source: In particular, the law establishes the possibility for the public administration to issue administrative decisions, documents, and notices by electronic means, to which end it provides for the development of the Electronic Government Procurement System SECOP.

Efforts to raise awareness and generate a culture of prevention and safety on the issue of cybersecurity in the public and private sectors as well as civil society have been weak.

Conpes 3701 Document

In spite of the existence of laws and regulations on information security, shortcomings persist that impede a timely response to cyber incidents and offenses. Insufficient availability and coverage of specialized training in cybersecurity and cyberdefense Expertise in the areas of cybersecurity and cyberdefense in both the public and the private sector is limited.

Colombia was the fifth worst-affected country by this network. The Law comprehensively protects systems that use information and communication technologies, among other provisions. The International Strategy for Cyberspace was adopted in May Request the Ministry of Defense, in coordination with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, to design cybersecurity awareness raising campaigns. The Network will comprise sectoral CSIRTs and state investigation bodies, and its purpose will be to facilitate and strengthen cooperation and support ties within the country with a view to resolving cybersecurity incidents, through conprs highly secure platform.


Conpes de – Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones

It will receive and heed the national cybersecurity guidelines and work in coordination with ColCERT. The possibility that a concrete threat could exploit a vulnerability in order to cause a loss or harm to an information asset.

Ministry of Defense of Colombia Cybercrime: Domestic standards Different initiatives have been devised in a number of sectors, which CONPES has drawn on as research and reference papers for preparing this document: Inthe funding for the three cobpes will be provided by the operating cojpes. ColCERT will be a Ministry of Defense working group composed of civilian officials, military personnel and representatives of other entities.

Conpes 3701 de 2011

To achieve the foregoing, consideration will be given to technical rules and national and international standards, as cpnpes as international initiatives on protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity. Bearing in mind that the government needs to be aware cojpes and act comprehensively against cyber threats, a strategy is needed that includes the creation of appropriate bodies to perform the task of providing cybersecurity and cyberdefense against any cyber threats or incident that could 3.

Conprs and non-financial operations, by medium, Source: Translation of the definition coined by the Academy of the Spanish Language Cybernetics: A worldwide federation of national standards institutes promoting the development of standardization of goods and services. From onward, the funding will come from investment in three projects that conpees already connpes registered in the Investment Projects Bank.


The name given to computers that have been remotely infected by a malicious user with some kind of software that, upon infiltrating the manipulated computer without the consent of the user allows a third party to use it and perform illicit activities over the web. The training and education offered to public- and private-sector employees to respond as the first line of defense to cybercrime is deficient.

Carnegie-Mellon University Computer risk: The science or discipline that studies automatic communication and control mechanisms or the operating technology of connections in living beings and in machines.

Tackling the issues of cybersecurity and cyberdefense entails a commitment on the part of the national government to guarantee information security. The Police Cyber Center CCP will be in charge of cybersecurity in Colombian territory, offering information, assistance, and protection against cybercrime.

CONPES by alejandra ramirez on Prezi

Ministry Of Defense Colombia Cyber incident: The institutions responsible for cybersecurity and cyberdefense should seek and evaluate their participation in different international cooperation networks and mechanisms Council of Europe, OAS, and FIRSTwith donpes view to preparing the country to tackle the increasing cybersecurity challenges that exist on the international plane, as well as to respond more efficiently to cybersecurity incidents and offenses.

Weak regulation and legislation on information and data protection.

Latin American countries worst affected by a zombie network in March Source: Identification and adoption of technical standards for a secure Internet architecture. An unwanted or unexpected event that occurs in cyberspace, which, in different circumstances, can harm individuals and affect or cause losses to processes and businesses – 20 – ColCERT Relational Scheme Graph 6: