CONVENCION DE VIENA SOBRE RELACIONES CONSULARES. 24 de abril de entró en vigor. Artículo 1. DEFINICIONES. El 19 de. Convención de Viena de relaciones consulares. Natalia Pérez Ariza – Vanessa Lara Rudas Artículos: 1, 2,4, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19, 20, 22 y Organización y. Convención de Viena sobre Relaciones Consulares de (en adelante Convención de Viena), los Funcionarios. Consulares Honorarios y.

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With regard to article 62, the Government of the Union of Myanmar shall not accord to consular posts headed by honorary consular officers exemption from customs duties and taxes on articles for their official use except to the extent that the Union of Myanmar may have consented thereto on the merits of each convenxion.

Thailand Thailand Interpretative declaration: The privileges and immunities provided for under the Convention are guaranteed only for consular staff and their spouses and minor children and shall not extend to other members of their families. Yemen 16 Where there are serious and strong grounds for believing that the consular bag contains articles or substances not mentioned in article 35, paragraph 4, of the Convention, the Yemen Arab Republic reserves its right to request that the bag be opened in the presence of a representative of the consular mission relzciones.

Finland 17 March The Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Notes that Article 46, paragraph 2, contains an exhaustive list of persons who are not exempt from the requirement of registration of aliens and residence permits. Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of The Yemen Arab Republic understands the words “members of their families forming part of their households” in article 46, paragraph 1, and article 49 as being restricted to members of the consular posts and their wives and minor children for the purpose of the privileges and immunities enjoyed by them.

Declaration on article Furthermore, no treaty relations will arise between the State of Kuwait and Israel.

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Czech Republic 5 Czech Republic 5. This exemption cannot be extended to consular employees and to members of the service staff. While acceding to the Vienna Convention congencion Consular Relations of 24 April the German Democratic Republic reserves itself the right, in accordance with Article 73 of the Convention, to conclude agreements with other States-parties in order to supplement and complete the provisions as regards bilateral relations.


This objection shall not preclude the entry into force of the Convention between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Union of Myanmar. The German Democratic Republic holds the opinion that the provisions of Articles 74 and 76 of the Convention are in contradiction to the consulwres according to which all states that are guided in their policy by the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter have the right to accede to conventions affecting the interests of all states.

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 1 If the consulate refuses to comply with this request, the bag shall be returned to its place of origin. Governments or other diplomatic missions or consular posts may not use such means of correspondence in their communications with honorary consular posts save within the limits agreed upon in particular cases.

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1. As Qatar reserves the right to open a consular bag without a prior consent by the Sending State, it is the view of the Government of Finland that the above-mentioned reservation to Article 35 is in clear contradiction with the object and purpose of the Convention.

In the view of the Government of Israel, the Convention and Protocol are not the proper place for making such political pronouncements. For objections thereto see hereinafter. Myanmar Myanmar Reservations on article 35, paragraph 1 and article 58, paragraphs 1 and 2: The Government of the Kingdome Netherlands Notes that the inviolability of the consular bag constitutes an important element of the Convention and any reservation intended to allow a receiving State to open the consular bag without the approval of the sending State is not only in contradiction with the very language of article 35, paragraph 3, of the Convention but also with customary international law.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands does not regard as valid the reservations to the articles 46, 49 and 62 of the Convention made by the United Arab Republic. Consular posts headed by honorary consuls shall not be entitled to use the consular means of correspondence and consular bags referred to in article 35 of the Convention. This objection does not preclude the entry into force of the Convention between Qatar and Finland.


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The Yemen Arab Republic shall have the right to in-spect foodstuffs imported by consular representatives in order fe ascertain that they conform in quantity and in kind to the list submitted by them to the customs authorities and the Office of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of obtaining approval for their importation exempt from customs duties.

The Italian Government will therefore act on the basis of reciprocity.

According to ciena reservation to Article 46, para. Unless otherwise indicated, the declarations and reservations were made upon ratification, accession or succession. The Government of Israel will, in so far as concerns the substance of the matter, adopt towards the Government of the United Arab Republic an attitude of complete reciprocity.

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The Icelandic Government also expresses the hope that countries with which Iceland establishes new consular relations will follow a similar practice and will give their consent to such appointments pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3 of article Accordingly, the Government of the United States wishes to state its objection if the Yemen Arab Republic does not include all spouses of the members of the consular posts as being within the meaning of the term “members of their families forming part of their households” in paragraph l of Article 46 and Article United Arab Emirates This objection shall not preclude the entry into force of the Convention between Sweden and Qatar.

The Government of Israel will, in so far as concerns the substance of the matter, adopt towards Qatar dee attitude convencino complete reciprocity.

Article 36, paragraph 1: Local personnel employed by consulates shall not be exempt from the dues and taxes stipulated in relaaciones article that are imposed by domestic laws.