Variants. R Crotale. HQ-7 (Chinese Variant). R SICA (Shahine). Crotale NG. Crotale Mk Role and Mobility, Short-Range Air and. Crotale NG (New Generation). It appeared in It is a much redesigned version of the basic Crotale. Missiles have a range of 11 km, maximum speed of. Series Model Variants • Crotale R – Base Variant • Crotale NG – Next Generation upgraded version • Crotale – Modernized Crotale launcher system.

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Following Finland and France it quickly received a vote of confidence when other countries including Greece, Oman, and South Korea adopted the system.

Crotale (missile) – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat The original Crotale SAM with both land and sea variants. Fire control utilizes multiple sensors with passive optics and radar working alongside electronic countermeasure systems.

Shahab Tagheb, an Iranian short-range air defense missile system. In its most recent upgrade, the Crotale NG New Generationfeatures a state of the art thermal camera that provides the Finnish Defence Forces with a dependable real-time image in daylight or at night.

First Chinese clone was produced for testing in A long-range version of the Crotale NG. Bush Lieutenant General Thomas S. It has a further enhanced tracking capability by an added automatic television track capability. Detection range is Thales Air Defence, Bagneux, France.


The question is even more pertinent today coming just after France and Finland issued a joint declaration calling for a common European strategy on defence cooperation. Missile Defense Sensors System Brief 3: III is the latest in the Crotale line and began testing around – this version is capable of engaging smaller drone aircraft with accuracy.

This version used the new VT-1 missile with Mach 3. It carries 4 missiles and is fitted with engagement radar. Development was mostly funded by South Africa, and partially by the French government. It can engage helicopters, aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and anti-radiation missiles.

It has a solid fuel rocket motor. Retrieved from ” https: A Chinese reverse engineered version of the Crotale. It is a baseline Crotale point defense system, base on the P4R 4×4 armored vehicle. It was developed with Chinese assistance and by transferring technology of the HQ By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is powered by a petrol or diesel engine, driving an alternator, which powers electrical motors driving the wheels. Development of Shahine Variant Begins Archived from the original PDF on 30 September The system was developed during the late s. TELARs and acquisition and coordination unit are connected with cables.


However, the achievements of the system impressed the French Armed Forceswho purchased the system both for the air force and for the navy.

Production of the R Concluded The target detection and acquisition systems are completely automated to achieve the fastest response time by the crew.

Archived from the original PDF on 17 October It also has improved radar that has detection range of drotale km. The Crotale is one of the most successful air defense system ever built. Thales Group Samsung Group.

Vandal Senator John S. Crptale of the Crotale short-range air defense missile system. Missile Missile length 3 m Missile diameter 0. It was developed as a point defense system, rather than operate alongside land force maneuver elements.

This air defense system still evolves and remains in production for more than 40 years.

Crotale: How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge

A specific version of the Crotale designed for Saudi Arabia with a specialized carrier. There is also a towed variant, crtale is less mobile.

Top 10 Fighter Aircraft.