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Over the following years countless young men, seduced by the romance of the militant, curtewed by feelings of injustice, crossed over By Basharat Peer. But in the Kashmir valley, even the life of a student was fraught. The mindless violence would stop, and the money spent on deploying and maintaining the security forces could be spent on social welfare such as healthcare, infrastructure and education.

Peer, a studious young man whose father is a respected government official in Srinagar, the summertime capital of Kashmir, shares his personal experiences as his village, like others throughout the region, experience great hardship and tragedy during the Indian Army crackdown against separatist militants and those who support them.

A society where a door knock after sunset is an alarm for danger to the life and a morning stroll is impossible without an identity card, checks and frisks and the fear of a bomb exploding somewhere nearby is very real, uncertainty of life cannot be more. As the author, I too hope that bj day the war and the reasons for its existence would disappear like footsteps on winter snow.

Later he found that they have left the valley for their safety. Read it only if you are ready to face the reality. And after finishing this book I feel that the rest of India actually have no right to feel any umbrage for a few missing lines on a map.

Prague had protested and won; Berlin had protested and won; Kashmir too had believed that there protest will win Kashmir its freedom. He seemed to have transformed into a Delhi Bashaeat alumnus and forgotten he was an Indian paramilitary officer posted in Kashmir.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Otherwise, people wouldn’t take me seriously. The author keeps his tale simple, and keeps the reader interested through out the novel. Pain and fear and loss and melancholy can shred souls okay but give them a pen a, camera, a voice and see what mountains they cannot move. But he returned to his home to tell its story to the world.


Violence and vioation of human beings is never a solution. The author was sent off to study in Aligarh and eventually became a reporter in Delhi.

I would definitely recommend this book to people who want to know more about Kashmir as well as most Indians, who really have NO idea what’s going on or don’t care.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? More so, if it goes on for years after years. Another one which definitely needs a special mention is: The book details the massacres purported by the Indian army as well as the atrocities committed by the Pakistani trained militancy making me wonder where the loyalties of ordinary Kashmiris actually lay?

The author compares Kashmiri revolt to Prague and East Berlin but fails to point out that both revolts were against failing states and not against a economic giant like India, which boosts quite a considerable clout in the world opinion at the moment. But he is not a writer who will fall back on the comfortable assertion that everyone wronged and everyone was wronged — the heart of this book is a demand for justice for the Kashmiri people, whose suffering at the hands of the Indian security forces has been beyond measure.

The level of brutalization inflicted on Kashmir over the past several decades is hard to comprehend. I turned away from the window. Half the story of Kashmir. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is a wonderfully written and candid, if a bit biased, account of the beautiful state which is also called Bhuswarga — paradise on earth. This book served as an excellent counterpart to The CollaboratorMirza Waheed’s novel about the crisis in Kashmir in the late s and early s, as the narrator of that novel and the author of this book are of similar ages and backgrounds.

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In such a scenario, it is always the common man who ends up suffering the most. Many young boys crossed the Line of Control that divides Indian Kashmir and the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and received training and arms from Pakistani terrorist groups. But, the author should have talked about the brutalities inflicted on these people which made them refugees in their own state.

It is not often that we come across a book by a Palestinian in the occupied territories basuarat his life or by a Bosnian on Srebrenica or an Iraqi about the Abu Ghraib and so on. It is nigjt more as a chronology of Basharat Peer’s life than as a history of Kashmir. Books by Basharat Peer. Return to Book Page. Some of the victims of torture by the bwsharat forces also admitted that all soldiers were not bad — there were decent men too.


Suddenly, he found his Hindu friends stopped coming to school.

Curfewed Night

He has worked as an editor at Foreign Affairs and served as a correspondent at Tehelka, India’s leading English language weekly. This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.

Peer is a journalist, so that definitely comes off in his memoir- it’s a lot less literary than one would like, but he jight definitely able to get his point across. Dec 11, Saburi Pandit rated it really liked it. Aug 26, Swati Agrawal rated it it was amazing. Whether the bias is due to incompetence or intention, i do not know. Many poets and authors have been mentioned in the book. The book reads like a diary of the author as he follows various stories in his journalistic day to day career.

The book is sensitively written and manag I’m frequently amazed at how little contemporary reporting there is on the Kashmir conflict, given the staggering militarization and human suffering that it has engendered.

Kashmir, his hometown; Kashmir ,the place where his parents lived; Kashmir which was known for its natural beauty and the Kashmir which was destroyed with the war between the militants and the Indian soldiers. Your story is out and the world knows it.

Curfewed Night | Book by Basharat Peer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bashaart Kashmir—angrier, more violent, more hopeless—was never far away. May 04, aman Caur rated it really liked it. It is the book of Basharat’s Peer experiences, yes, but those experiences include returning to Kashmir and seeking out the stories of others affected by the conflict.

But, they have mouths to feed at home.