The second book in the internationally bestselling Night Watch series—the powers of Darkness and the forces of Light grow closer to the past one th. . Day Watch: Book Two (Night Watch) [Sergei Lukyanenko] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second book in the internationally. Day Watch (Watch, Book 2) [Sergei Lukyanenko] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second book in the internationally bestselling.

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Anton Gorodetsky, the series hero, works for the Moscow branch of the Night Watch, which is charged with regulating the “Dark Others” and is opposed in a cold war face-off by the similarly bureaucratic Day Watch. I’m unhappy because I thought there were twenty more pages, but it’s an excerpt from another in the series. As with the previous book in the series, The Night Watch, this is comprised of three stories. Igor is a Light Mage.

Review: The Last Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko | Books | The Guardian

The Sixth Watch Sergei Lukyanenko. Being a member of the Dark Others is more a choice towards individualization. Use mdy dates from September Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Russian-language text. Anton’s research suggests that it is the Chalk of Fate and that it could be used by the Light to rewrite destiny, allowing someone to change the world to establish a new world order.

Description from the back cover of trade paperback edition There she meets Igor. Anton initially rejects the offer, then finds Olga in his apartment and reluctantly agrees. Zabulon joins them and attacks Anton. Yet, the forces of Light and Dark are not so different–both are composed of “Others,” supernatural beings who begin as human but must choose which side to belong to.

Sure, the constant subterfuge can lend itself to interesting moments, but it begins to feel too much like a free plot card as the novel drags on. In the second part, a man finds himself on a train, with no memory of who he is, just a huge bag full of cash. It’s so bizzare reading about a character who has no personality or emotions and I don’t like it.


The aura of any Other, or emotional state at the time of their first entry into the Twilight, determines whether or not the Other will become a ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ Other. Or making unimportant guys fall in waych with her. Or we might be drunk. Dead Watch John Sandford. I feel like something big is being set up Also when did they get married? Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive? The side characters, eh, I still watcj tell Semyon from Garik from Ilya from Ignat, except I think Ignat might be the one who sleeps with everyone?


But then comes a shattering realisation: Aug 10, Dacko rated it liked it. I’m a natural optimist! While talking to Olga, Anton realizes that the Warch Watch is only chasing him in order to make Svetlana angry and use her powers illegally, which would allow them to use the law to neutralize her as an agent of Light.

What Anton doesn’t know is that the couple in the car are Maxim and his wife. Humans are not able at least in the first part of the cycle to become Others.

Dwy order to get to the bottom of the case, the Inquisition temporarily resurrects Alisa, who implicates Zabulon in her demise, stating that Igor was not responsible for her death. The characters were still great. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The coldest warriors

Night Watch hinted that animals do not always follow the same rules as humans or Others when it comes to the Twilight.

He finally leaves, and when he gets back to his apartment, he discovers Zabulon calmly reading a newspaper and waiting for him. When an Other dies awtch natural causes, is killed, or dematerialised executed their “soul” or “essence” is passed into the Twilight where it remains for all eternity.

Boris Ignatievich wstch that Anton has been set up by the Day Watch, and uses his powers to swap Anton and Olga’s bodies so that anyone tracking him will be misled about his true whereabouts, and ensure any future murders will take place when he has a firm alibi.

I did have some fun trying to figure out who Vitaly was. It causes them to question their commitment similar to Anton questioning his commitment to the Light in Night Watch.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. There she falls in love with another of the camp leaders Jun 03, Katy rated it it was amazing. Anton spots them and talks with Maxim, explaining the Treaty between Light and Wagch, but Maxim doesn’t comply, pointing out that Egor will grow up to be a dark mage, and it’s better to kill him now.


I still don’t know how he didn’t get in big trouble by now. The team is on a mission to apprehend an uninitiated Other, a practicing Dark witch who has so far eluded those responsible for finding and initiating unlicensed practitioners of magic.

View all 5 comments. It’s wathc me a very Soviet way of looking at things, stemming from the time where there was no doubt that the intentions of those in power may have nothing to do with your well-being and that lukyanenkk may be easily sacrificed in order to achieve “the greater good”. Instead of returning to the Day Watch offices with the talon, however, his instincts lead him to Maxim from the first novel, who is now a member of the Inquisition. Surprisingly readable and addictive The only way to survive in the Twilight is to slowly feed it energy.

Instead of a plot twist, this just takes each book in the series to another layer of understanding–about human nature, about our aatch and attempts to wrestle with morality and the greater good while getting what we need to live.

Lukyanenko is the master of obscurity but there is one thing doesn’t have one clue of – romance. The watcu of Dark – The Day Watch – keep an eye during the day, while the agents of Light keep watch over the night. Within the Night Watch universe there are several different ady with different characteristics and levels of power. The last part was a mostly dry, russian, introspective, courtroom slog that seriously dinged my enjoyment.

After Natasha strikes a deal with the witch, members of the Night Watch suddenly arrive and arrest wathc witch, to Natasha’s great surprise and confusion. The first part of the story deals with various involved parties travelling to Prague where the trial will be held wstch, the second part involves the characters meeting in a number of different configurations and talking, the third part involves the trial itself.