afr-ita:DGA, , Dizionario generale Afrikaans, Dizionario .. arl-spa:Pozzo, , Diccionario Freelang Arabela-Español, Alain Pozzo di Borgo; Rolland Rich . gratis – Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. In other languages: French | Portuguese | Italiano | German | Dutch | Swedish | Polish | Romanian | Czech. ·Diccionario zoque de Copainalá: Bilingual zoque-Spanish dictionary, scanned . ·Jonsay online language dictionaries: English translated into Spanish, Italian, .

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In this guise it is known diversely as ‘the dialect’, ‘the Doric’ in the North-Eastand in the South as often as not, just ‘the wey oo speak’. It includes the fields of business, politics, institutions, major events, major organisations, many acronyms in common use, plus many other points of reference in modern France, from AB to ZUP — words and names that are part and parcel of modern French life.

Reviews of Spanish dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Totally free for use. You italino switch from a language to 21 others by a simple click.

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Public can freely contribute. Gaelic languages info, online Irish, Manx and Scots Gaelic dictionaries. A searchable online dictionary containing about US slang words with the decades in which they first appeared. Indeed, a Safire definition often reads like a mini-essay in political history, and readers will come away not only with a fuller understanding of particular words but also a richer knowledge of how politics works, and fails freelany work, in America.


Books of the World. This site will hopefully serve as an aid for those of you who wish to learn a bit of Tok Pisin, a language that is spoken nationwide in Papua New Guinea. This website is based on a database maintained in LinguaLinks 5. This description is accompanied by modelling of the syntactic structures controlled by the lexical item and of the item’s meaning, based on a system of semantic tags. A slowly expanding word list of Meadow Mari and English. Accepts any kanji, kana, romaji, or English, and provides thorough definitions for overwords.

User interface available in more than 20 languages.

Idioma alemán

Hans Wiersch; Franz J. We intend to gradually enlarge the database, adding bilingual dictionaries, grammatical and orthographical texts, that currently are being studied and edited by master and PhD students, related to the project. Dictionary Milanese – Italiano. Based on the Collins Unabridged German Dictionary.

The website is trilingual English, Limburgish, Dutch and contains background information on the foundation and many contemporary aspects of the Limburgish language, including a 70 page history diccionarrio Limburgish, its usage and its literature.

Internet and computer terms defined simply, updated frequently and easy to use. All kinds of dictionaries and glossaries within English and Swedish.

italiano translation English | Italian dictionary | Reverso

It’s clear, easy to use and it’s the first of it’s kind. Sociolinguistic survey of selected Rajasthani speech varieties of Rajasthan, India, Volume 3: It also contains some dictionaries of historical interest from the 18th and 19th century in some of these languages. It includes definitions also in several languages and translations, as well as lexical data antonyms, hypernyms, etc.


Extensive German-English and English-German dictionarytranslation pairs.

Very informative home loan and mortgage specific financial glossary. Bilingual popoluca-Spanish diccionnario, scanned PDF of a book originally published in print in An interactive multilingual dictionary which covers a variety of languages from Europe, the Middle East, as well as American English.

Diccionraio Dictionary containing basic vocabulary, gender, plural, past tense and future tense where applicable. As entries are complete we will continue to move content to the Public Dictionaries. Refranero castellano, por V. RomajiDesu is a bi-directional English-Japanese dictionary where the user just need to type your word into a single input. These dictionaries include complete verb conjugation and grammar agreements in gender and number of nouns and adjectives, German declensions.