: Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition (): Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin: Books. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discovering Human Sexuality by Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin [Sinauer Associates, Inc., ] ( Paperback). Discovering Human Sexuality is an alternative version of Simon LeVay and Janice Baldwin’s textbook, Human Sexuality, which is also published by Sinauer .

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Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition

An evidence-based, accessible introduction to the study of sexuality and the diverse ways in which it brings joys and challenges to our lives. Now in discoverinf fourth edition, Discovering Human Sexuality has established itself as a popular and widely praised text that respects diversity both in the sexual world and among the students who read it.

The backgrounds of the authors–in biology, sociology, teaching, fiscovering writing–have made possible a text that is multidisciplinary, authoritative, sex-positive, and a delight to read. The scope of Discovering Human Sexuality ranges from homosexuality in ancient Greece to the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal while covering a stunningly diverse array of topics. How does the menstrual cycle work? What’s “splitting the bamboo”?

Discovering Human Sexuality by Simon LeVay

Can fiscovering ejaculation be treated? If a man has undetectable levels of HIV, can he have sex without condoms? Which sex offenders will repeat their crimes? Is there a gay gene? What’s wrong with polygamy?

Is emergeny contraception abortion? Which bathrooms should trans women use? This levau gives factual answers to important questions and provides material for informed debate for issues without a single solution.

D is a British born neuroscientist turned science writer and teacher. He is the author or coauthor of 11 books, including Gay, Straight, and the Reasn Why: The Science of Sexual Orientation. D, and John Baldwin, Ph. D are sociologists at the University of Californina, Santa Barbara. They have been collaborators and writers on many papers and projects in the area of sex, sexuality, and sex education. Djscovering also co-created–with their upper division students–a sex information website: I will continue to use Discovering Human Sexuality because I like the way topics are discussed and explained.

The hmuan bank is also easy to use compared to the last textbook I used, and that saves me a lot of time when I am putting an exam together. I particularly like the boxes that are contained in each chapter. They provide riscovering break in discoovering chapter content. The topics discussed in the boxes are important and useful and often lead to interesting discussions. I would be hard pressed to find a more thorough and approachable text.

The layout of the chapters and the box features are excellent. I find the book interesting and yet not overwhelming, in a highly readable format. I’d previously used another as recommended by a colleague, but it didn’t emphasize biological aspects. I really like Discovering Human Sexuality because of its emphasis on biology and the fact that each edition is great at including recent phenomena, like changes in legal issues related to sexuality.

I think it’s written in an easy-to-read style.

As I am teaching this within a Psychology Siscovering, I find that my students appreciate the approach the text takes. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

US Higher Education Not for profit.

Skip to main content. Aexuality directly to our online catalogue. Purchase Send feedback Also available as: Ebook This title is available as an ebook from RedShelf.

Sample Chapter 4 – Click Here! New to this Edition Coverage of recent sex-related developments in research, medicine, law, politics, and social trends has been added and is supported by current data and statistics Several sexualify boxes address such topics as “Tempest in a Toilet: Features About the Author s Reviews Features The authors, all experienced writers and teachers, ensure that the text is fully accessible, engaging, and relevant to students of diverse backgrounds An evidence-based approach is employed: Table of Contents Chapter 1.

Discovering Human Sexuality

TV or Not TV? Sex researchers followed diverse paths Box: Contrasting Theories on Sexual Orientation Sexuality Can Be Studied with a Wide Variety of Methods Discovefing research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of sex Psychology includes diverse approaches to sexuality Cultural anthropology focuses on sexual diversity across cultures Sociologists focus on the connection between sex and society The economic approach weighs costs and benefits Discoveriing promote sex research Chapter 2.

Pubic Hair Removal The appearance of the vaginal opening is variable Box: Genital Self-Examination The Uterus Serves a Double Duty Cancer can affect the cervix or the endometrium Other uterine conditions include fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, and prolapse Dixcovering hysterectomy be so common?

Attitudes toward menstruation vary Women use pads, tampons, or cups during menstruation Box: Where Tampons Aren’t an Option Menstrual Problems Are Common but Treatable Menstrual pain may or may not reflect underlying pelvic disease Premenstrual syndrome has physical and psychological aspects Menstruation stops during pregnancy–and for other reasons Sex steroids affect more than the reproductive tract The Breasts Have Both Erotic and Reproductive Significance Breast Cancer Mortality Can Be Reduced Hkman factors affect the risk of breast cancer Clinical breast exams save lives Treatment depends on the diagnostic findings and the woman’s choice Chapter 3.

Male Circumcision Some disorders affect penile function Box: How Big Should a Penis Be? Declining Sperm Counts Cancer and other disorders can affect the testicles Other glands contribute secretions to the semen What is semen?


Sex Development and Diversity Genes and Hormones Guide Sex Development Didcovering and male reproductive tracts develop from different precursors Female and male external genitalia develop from the same precursors The gonads descend during development Puberty is sexual maturation The brain also differentiates sexually Sex Development Is Not Always Binary Unusual sets of chromosomes affect growth and fertility The gonads or genitals may be sexually ambiguous Box: My Life with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome There Diiscovering Sex Sexuapity in Many Mental Traits Gender identity does not always match anatomical sex Women and men differ in a variety of cognitive and personality traits There are many differences in sexuality Many sex differences arise early in life Biological Factors Underlie Sex Differences Evolutionary forces act differently on females and males Box: Trans Men and Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective Changing sex is a multistage process Many transgender people do not want surgery Trans people struggle for awareness and acceptance Box: Tempest in a Toilet Chapter 5.

Attraction, Arousal, and Response Sexual Attraction: It Takes Two Beauty is not entirely in the eye of the beholder Culture influences the attractiveness of bodies Box: Culture and Body Weight Attractiveness involves senses besides vision Behavior and personality influence sexual attractiveness Familiarity may increase or decrease attraction Perceived attractiveness varies around the menstrual cycle Asexual women and men do not experience sexual attraction Sexual Discoovering Has Multiple Roots Fantasy is leavy common mode of sexual arousal Arousal occurs in response to a discoverinh Gonadal steroid hormones influence sexual arousability Conditioning may influence arousal Sexual Arousal Follows a Response Cycle Box: Aphrodisiacs and Drugs In discoveribg excitement phase, genital responses begin In the plateau phase, arousal is maintained Orgasm is the climax of sexual arousal Box: Female Ejaculation Brain imaging suggests where orgasm may be experienced Box: Foot Orgasms In the resolution phase, arousal subsides The phases may be linked in different ways Men experience a refractory period Pituitary hormones influence the sexual response cycle The Masters and Johnson cycle may be incomplete People Derive Pleasure from Eiscovering Sexual Behaviors Chapter 6.

What Is “Great Sex”? We Just Clicked Extra-pair relationships are uncommon Chapter 8. The Scent of an Ovum Sperm can be donated In vitro fertilization can circumvent many sperm problems Abnormalities of the female reproductive tract may reduce fertility Failure to ovulate can be sexualitu with by drugs or by egg donation Box: Choosing Children’s Sex Surrogate mothers bear children for others Adoption is limited by the supply of healthy infants Discoverijg declines with age Box: Commercial Gestational Surrogacy–An Ethical Minefield Many Embryos Do Not Survive Rh factor incompatibility can threaten second pregnancies Ectopic pregnancy can endanger the mother’s life Pregnancy Is Conventionally Divided into Three Trimesters The First Trimester Is a Period of Major Changes Prenatal care provides health screening, education, and support Adequate nutrition is vital to a successful pregnancy Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and radiation can harm the fetus The Second Trimester Is the Easiest Tests can detect fetal abnormalities Sex during pregnancy is healthy Moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial The Third Trimester Is a Time of Preparation A hospital is the best location for childbirth if complications are foreseen Childbirth classes prepare parents for birth The fetus also makes preparations for birth Labor Has Three Stages The first stage of labor is marked by uterine contractions and cervical dilation The second stage is the delivery of the baby Box: Pain-free Childbirth The newborn child adapts quickly The third stage is the expulsion of the placenta Premature or delayed birth is hazardous Box: Cesarean Section The Period after Birth Places Many Demands on Parents Postpartum depression may be accompanied by disordered thinking Childbirth and parenthood affect sexuality Breast-Feeding Is the Preferred Method of Nourishing the Infant Lactation is orchestrated by hormones The content of breast milk changes over time Infant formula is an alternative to breast milk Breast-feeding has many advantages and some drawbacks Chapter 9.

Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement Contraception has not yet solved the problem of unintended pregnancy Different users have different contraceptive needs Physical Methods Block Discovefing Transport Male condoms are reliable when properly used Female condoms are relatively intrusive Box: Male Contraceptives of the Future? Diaphragms and cervical caps are inconvenient but have few side effects Spermicides are not very reliable when used alone Hormone-Based Methods Are Easy to Use Combination pills offer health benefits Continuous use of combination pills eliminates menstrual periods Progestin-only pills have fewer side effects Hormones Can Be Administered by Non-Oral Routes Transdermal patches last a week Vaginal rings last three weeks Depo-Provera lasts three months Implants are extremely reliable Intrauterine devices require little attention The Availability of Hormonal Contraceptives May Be Limited Behavioral Methods Can Be Demanding In fertility awareness methods, couples avoid coitus during the fertile window The withdrawal method is simple but challenging Noncoital sex can be used as a means of avoiding pregnancy Combining long-acting methods hhuman condoms makes sense Box: Abortion in the United States: Key Statistics Vacuum aspiration is the standard first-trimester surgical method Dilation and evacuation is used early in the second trimester Induced labor and hysterotomy are performed late in the second trimester Medical abortions are two-step procedures Abortions do not cause long-lasting ill effects Americans Are Divided on Abortion, but Most Favor Restricted Availability The availability of abortion is decreasing Box: Sexuality across the Life Span: Talking with Children about Sex Some children engage in solitary sexual activity Sex with sexuallty can occur during childhood Cultures vary in their attitudes toward childhood sexuality Some Children Have Sexual Contacts with Adults Most adult-child contacts involve discoveering children and are single encounters Some kinds of adult-child sex are more harmful than others Box: Sex and Suggestibility Strategies to prevent adult-child sex are quite effective Preadolescence May Be Marked by an Increase in Sexual Interest Preadolescent children segregate by sex Strict gender norms may traumatize children who become gay or trans adults Puberty Is a Period of Rapid Maturation Puberty is marked by visible and invisible changes Juman My First Period Puberty occurs earlier in girls than boys What drives puberty?


The body signals its readiness for puberty to the brain Puberty may come too early or too late Adolescence Is a Time of Sexual Exploration Many cultures have puberty rites There are social influences on teen sexual behavior Box: Sex-ed–What Teens Say Social media have risks and benefits Males masturbate more than females The sexual activity of American teens increased and then decreased The meaning of “virginity loss” varies Teen Sexuality Is Central sexualiy Identity Development Teen relationships are often short-lived Teen pregnancy is declining but is still too common Chapter Adulthood In Young Adulthood, Conflicting Demands Influence Sexual Discoverung Most young men and women have only a few sex partners Dating relationships are short-lived Cohabitation is an increasingly prevalent lifestyle Cohabitation has diverse meanings Cohabitation does not harm a subsequent marriage Marriage Takes Diverse Forms The formalization of sexual unions has social and personal functions Many societies have permitted polygamy Box: Mormon Polygamy Polyamory includes a variety of nonmonogamous relationships The Institution of Marriage Is Evolving Companionate marriage makes the availability of divorce a necessity Marriage is becoming a minority status Relationship options have diversified Most Long-Term Couples Are Satisfied with Their Sex Lives The frequency of sex declines over the course of long-term relationships Marital satisfaction declines during middle age Box: You Know the Future of Your Marriage A Variety of Factors Bring Relationships to an End Several demographic factors increase the likelihood of a breakup There are more personal reasons for breakups Marital Disruption Can Have Negative and Positive Consequences Divorced men and women disccovering suffer psychological, physical, and economic damage Divorce may sexualith the start of a new life Many divorced people remarry Does marriage have a future?

Menopause Marks Women’s Transition to Infertility Menopause may be caused by depletion of ova Women may experience a decline in sexual function at menopause Decreased hormone levels affect a woman’s physiology Hormone therapy can reduce menopausal symptoms Men’s Fertility Declines Gradually with Age Old People Face Challenges to Their Sex Lives–Often Successfully Aging is accompanied by physiological changes in the sexual response Medical conditions, drugs, and social factors can impair the sexuality of older people Old age may be a time for romance Box: Seniors on Sex Chapter And Does It Matter?

Overcoming homophobia is a communal enterprise Bisexual Discovsring Are Caught between Two Worlds The prevalence of bisexuality depends on definitions Bisexual people face prejudice Lesbian, gay, straight, bi, other–more alike than different Chapter In the Dungeon Seuality fetishes are hjman to the body People cross-dress for a variety of reasons Box: Rubber Fetishism and the Internet Some men are aroused by trans women Adult babies reenact infancy Furries wear animal costumes Paraphilic Disorders Cause Distress or Harm Others Exhibitionists expose themselves to nonconsenting persons Obscene telephone calling is related to exhibitionism Voyeurs are aroused by watching others Frotteurism involves surreptitious physical contact Box: First-person Accounts Some Adults Are Sexually Attracted to Children Pedophilia and child molestation are not synonymous “Child molestation” is a behavioral and legal term Priests and others may molest children under their care Some organizations support “minor-attracted people” A Variety of Other Paraphilic Disorders Discoverong Zoophiles are sexually attracted to animals In levwy, nonresistance of the partner may be arousing Sexual violence can be paraphilic Box: Young women are the most frequent victims Most sexual assaults levaay not reported Box: Repeat offending is common Why Do Men Rape?

Rape may have evolutionary roots Some characteristics discoverinb rapists from nonrapists Social forces influence the likelihood of rape Box: The Economics of Prostitution Female, male, and discoveringg streetwalkers have different experiences Some prostitutes work out of massage parlors and strip clubs Escort services are the main form of prostitution in the United States Many prostitutes work for pimps Box: Sugaring Men who use escorts have liberal attitudes Sexjality women use male prostitutes Juvenile prostitution is of special concern Box: Hermaphrodites combine male and female reproductive functions Evolution Has Led to Diverse Methods of Sex Determination In mammals, sex is determined by chromosomes Sexual Selection Produces Anatomical and Behavioral Differences between Males and Females Males and females follow different reproductive discogering Females and males are exposed to different reproductive risks Males often compete for access to females Females often choose among males Sexua,ity males make significant investments in reproduction If males invest, sexual selection may work differently Sexual selection protects against extinction Diverse Relationship Styles Have Evolved Social and sexual arrangements are not necessarily the same Male promiscuity offers obvious evolutionary benefits Why are females promiscuous?

Sex and the Nervous System Box: