These rules concern a service called Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX) which is available in connection with any dispute. Docdex is one of the options available to solve letter of credit disputes. settled under the DOCDEX Decision in accordance with the ICC DOCDEX Rules, ICC. These rules concern a service called Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX) which is available in connection.

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When a dispute falling within the scope of Article 2 1 of the Rules arises, a party may refer the dispute to the Rules to obtain an independent, impartial and prompt expert decision on the basis of the terms and conditions of the relevant instrument, undertaking or agreement, any applicable ICC Banking Rules and international standard practice in trade finance.

The Decision may be made unanimously or on a majority basis and shall so indicate. But they avoid turning into enemies as is unfortunately the case when the dispute is submitted to courts. This was either the result of a lack of Banking Commission rules dedicated to a particular type of transactions, as in the case of trade loans, syndications, negotiable instruments, risk purchase agreements or countertrade, or because the dispute concerned an aspect of the transaction that was not covered in the relevant ICC rules, such as authority, conflicts of priority, governing law or fraud in a letter of credit.

When the day following such date is an official holiday or a non-business day in the country where the notification or communication is deemed to have been made, the period rulex time shall commence on rupes first following business day. This is the case of the non-binding character of a DOCDEX decision unless the parties otherwise agree in their contract or at any stage of the dispute.

Learn more and set cookies. ICC events 16 Jan Filing instructions and forms Claims, Answers, Supplements and Decisions must be submitted using the appropriate Form.

How to be a successful arbitration practitioner. If the Appointed Experts consider that the Claim is outside the scope of the Rules, they shall so inform the Centre, which shall reject the Claim pursuant to Article 3 6 of the Rules.

The Answer and all accompanying documents shall be supplied to the Centre only in electronic form in accordance with Article 11 2 of the Rules. No submission by any person other than a Claimant or Respondent shall be admitted in the proceedings and any such submission received by the Centre shall be disregarded. The Centre shall forward the Answer and any accompanying documents to the Claimant and any other Respondent. International Chamber of Commerce.

Such notifications or communications shall be made to the last email or other electronic address of the Claimant or Respondent, or its representative for whom the same are intended, as notified for this purpose by the party in question. A Respondent may submit its Answer individually or jointly with one or more other Respondents. The above provisions on the costs of proceedings shall be effective as of 1 May in respect of all proceedings commenced on or after such date under the present or any previous version of the ICC DOCDEX Rules.


Accordingly, the Rules are not appropriate where such examination or submissions are required to resolve any factual or legal issues raised by the Claim. The Centre shall also refund all or part of any fee received pursuant to Article 3 3 of the Rules, as appropriate. To that end, his independence will also be verified at the outset by the Center. The Technical Adviser shall also provide guidance on the area s of expertise that the Claim requires and that the Appointed Experts should possess.

Over the years, the original rules showed their limits whether in terms of managing the expert appointment process, dealing with unwarranted delays cocdex struggling to find an answer to unexpected procedural challenges. The Appointed Experts shall render the Decision exclusively on the basis of the Claim, any Answer and any Supplement, the terms and conditions of the trade finance-related instrument, undertaking or agreement, the ICC Banking Rules that may be applicable and international standard practice in trade finance.


Subject to Article 3 6 of the Rules, once the Centre has received the electronic and hard copies of the Claim and the fee, it shall send a hard copy of the Claim and any gules documents to each Respondent identified in the Claim for its Answer, as provided in Article 11 1 of the Rules. If the last day of the relevant period of time granted is an official holiday or a non-business day in the country where the notification or communication is deemed to have been dicdex, the period of time shall expire at the end of the first following business day.

The version eules the Rules that is applicable at the time docdfx submission of a Claim shall apply to the proceedings unless otherwise agreed by each Claimant and Respondent. If the dodcex arises out of or is in connection with an instrument, undertaking or agreement that does not provide for the application of ICC Banking Rules, it shall be administered under the Rules only if each Claimant and each Respondent so agree.

Upon receipt of a notice of termination, an Appointed Expert shall promptly dispose of any documents received from the Centre in an appropriate manner as agreed with the Centre. An additional fee may be fixed by the Centre, at its discretion, taking into account the facts and documents underlying the dispute and subject to the maximum specified in Article 2 of the Appendix.

The new rules offer a new approach to the various submissions and communications by imposing the principle of electronic submissions according to standard templates available on-line.

DOCDEX Rules – ICC – International Chamber of Commerce

A number of ethical safeguards are added to the process to ensure that a ryles having served as DOCDEX expert is barred from any further involvement in the dispute under any other capacity. CH06 R. A Decision shall not be binding on any Claimant or Respondent unless each Claimant and Respondent agrees that rles Decision shall be contractually binding upon them. By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies to make easier to navigate and to make statistics of visits.


DOCDEX – ICC – International Chamber of Commerce

riles Once a Decision has been made, the Centre shall make it available to each Claimant and to any Respondent that has submitted an Answer pursuant to Article ruled of the Rules. An Appointed Expert who becomes unable to carry out the functions entrusted by the Centre shall so inform the Centre without delay.

But a more perennial solution needed to be found and implemented. The Claim shall be accompanied by all documents that the Claimant considers necessary to support its Claim. An Answer must be received by the Centre within the period it specifies when sending the Claim to each Respondent, which shall not exceed 30 days, save exceptional circumstances.

At the time of payment, an advice in writing should be sent to: Contact us Find a document Become a member Docdrx More sites.

Any Answer received by the Centre after the expiry of the specified period shall be disregarded. Each Appointed Expert must be and remain impartial and independent of the parties involved in the dispute.

This document is available in the following Practice Areas

It is also the case of the respective contributions by the Technical Advisor and the Center to the appointment of experts process. A Supplement shall be submitted to the Centre within 14 days of its request, in electronic form only. They expect their dealings to self-liquidate in a peaceful conclusion that would both be profitable to the parties and an incitation to engage into further dealings.

It can take the form of any of the alternative dispute resolution methods ADR where a neutral third person gives her expert view as to what a just solution would be. In exceptional circumstances, and upon a reasoned request submitted by the President, the Centre may extend the time limit for the Appointed Experts to render their draft Decision.

A hard copy of the Claim shall be sent by the Centre to each Respondent pursuant to Article 3 5 of the Rules. ICC events 16 Jan CH06 R At the time of payment, an advice in writing should be sent to: Across the world, banks and businesses engage in commercial dealings for considerable amounts and under a broad variety of terms.

The Answer, if any, shall be accompanied by any additional documents that the Respondent considers necessary to support its Answer. Subject to Article 11 1 of the Rules, all notifications or communications to and from the Centre shall be made by email or by any other means of telecommunications, excluding fax, that provides a record of the sending thereof.

Upon receipt of the draft Decision from the President, the Centre shall transmit it forthwith to the Technical Adviser for scrutiny.