‘Lymond is back.” So begins The Game of Kings, the first book in my greatest literary love affair: Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles. The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1) [Dorothy Dunnett] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first book in the legendary Lymond. The Lymond Chronicles (6 Book Series) by Dorothy Dunnett. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: In this first book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles.

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I love the language that Dunnett uses to make Lymond and the rest of the characters come alive. And if you’re willing to take on or overlook the difficult parts, there is so much in this book to love.

Nope, definitely don’t have it in me. It breeds intolerancexorothy relations, youth versus experience, law versus freedom for a more indepth analysis, but I would like to pause for a moment on the way Dunnett treated gender roles in the novel. The education comes extra! My best effort at a response to this great read is to cheat and direct you to the fine reviews of Algernon and Jeffry Keeten.

And I think that though we may lymonx experience explicit sex, we are certainly party to love: The endings of the third and fifth novels have no real resolution, but lead directly to the story taken up in the fourth and sixth novels. It often has a similar effect on the reader as on the victim reading on the kindle is useful as you are only a tap away from a Wikipedia or dictionary definition, although, often, Lynmond confounds both of these.

Human characters that you love, you hate, you care about; and chroincles just the main characters, but all the characters because Dunnett makes them ALL come alive. The teenaged daughter of an old friend, Philippa had appeared in the first book of the series as an angry ten-year-old coerced into helping Lymond. June is a busy month I should not be spending reading fiction, which is one reason I was keeping a moderate pace with this odrothy.


She herself contributed much more to the second volume than the first, directly authoring many of lymnd entries. Are you a UK income tax payer and can we claim GiftAid on your donation?

Besides, it will be proof that there’s hope for the poor souls struggling with the 1st book so they don’t give up. One star is lost.

Is it possible to go beyond their first-glance easiness and extract well-hidden references with the help of some sharp expertise? Both the historical and fictional characters are, however, taken from a ddunnett variety of occupations and social classes than in the Lymond Chronicles.

Mar 01, Orient rated it it was ok Shelves: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Aug 11, Pages.

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Said husband suggested that she write a book that she herself would like to read. Even after the Big Reveal, I just still didn’t like this guy. The year is and Scotland is like ‘a lark surrounded dujnett crocodiles’. Even if you arm yourself with a decent dictionary like the one Have you read the reviews for this book? She and her husband Archibald Stewart play both sides of the conflict for their own benefit and the then sixteen-year-old Lymond fell victim to their plotting during his captivity chroniclees England after the battle of Solway Moss.

We are not simply entertained, we are instructed. Aug 20, Misfit rated it it was amazing Shelves: The ever fractious nobility of Scotland turns itself inside out in seeking for familial advantage, often at the disadvantage of the nation as a whole. I would argue that classification. He is strong willed, clever, great fighter maybe a dirty fighterprobably can read minds, and oh his tongue can spit venom.

Well if you were less lazy, now. To do so, he must find the man who framed him and condemned him to two years as a French galley slave before he managed to escape.

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Feb 27, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 19, Marquise rated it it was amazing Recommended to Marquise by: Orpheus wriggling rump first out of Hades with his chivalry ashine like a ten-thread twill. He wants the Queen of Scots to be the bride of his King, so that he will rule over the whole of island of Great Britain. Just know that this is a book of secrets and lies.


The rybauldes, players of dodothy And the messangers and corrours ought to be sette tofore the rook. Francis Lymond is everything you want in a character. There is no attribution for the apparently old-English verses at the chronicoes of each chapter.

It’s pretty well a full-time job, these days, keeping a family housed and clothed and warm and protected. Her parting gift would be confirmation that he is the true son of his beloved mother, Sybilla—albeit by her incestuous affair with her father-in-law, the first Francis Crawford.

The Game of Kings is a must-have for the historical romance connoisseur. Her works exemplify the swashbuckling genre he helped to invent. A new favourite character for me, he encapsulates some of my rorothy traits while being very unique. Dunnett has created one of the enduring literary characters in her hero, Lymond of Crawford, the Master of Cutler.

I have sucked up the sea like Charybdis and failing other entertainment will spew it three times daily, for a fee. In The Game of Kingsthis extraordinary antihero returns to the country that has outlawed him to redeem his reputations even at the risk of his life.

All the characters were three dimensional beings. Though a cosmopolitan military leader, diplomat and spy, he has an abiding feeling for his home country of Scotland.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Oct 31, Giki rated it it was amazing Shelves: