Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from . Domenico Carlo Maria Dragonetti (7 April – 16 April ) was an Italian double bass . “Ever since the publication by Leduc () of [the concerto in A major] there has been a question concerning its true authorship. It is now generally. “The Dragonetti Concerto (secretly by Edouard Nanny) is one of the most popular pieces in the student bassist’s repertoire. It’s a fun romp across the positions.

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This operation is only to demonstrate of the theory that I consider. He calls the authentic Concerto “Concertone”.

Nanny has no never written a “concertone”, at least a “concertino”. Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from Sankey.

It’s not only my opinion but also important musicologies have noted something wrong. In the page draagonetti dr. Palmer doesn’t kill me for copyright!!! Ok, now we analize another point of you. Let’s see the 12 waltz, the other complete musics. At the contrary if we give a look at Nanny’s works they are very similar with the one attribuited to Dragonetti. It’s “lapalissiano” like to tell: So, the motives could be very different. Perhaps Sankey needed a Concerto to put asap on the market.

Double Bass Concerto in G major, Op.1 (Dragonetti, Domenico)

Surely, none would have bought a Nanny Concerto in A major. Perhaps under the name of Dragonetti it was much better. A lot of things we have found but others live in a mistery.

With the name of Dragonetti the Concerto was very different for the market. Dragometti the way pay attention!! Contrabbasso di viola da Gamba.


Double Bass Concerto in A major (Nanny, Édouard)

Well, when we talk about the history of The Double Bass it’s better to change instrument. We don’ t have a “fixed date” to say: Now the Double Bass has borned”.

There isn’t this day, sorry! But it’s correct that the double bass was borned when “composers” decided to enlarge the low frequencies.

Obviously, every “State” has follow his own way. But after comparison the. It’s on the market as you can see and the marvellous Doblinger has in his main catalogue also another version one with strings. I have also told you some little secrets between Nanny and his editor Stuar Sankey. I have told you that the first in absolute in all over the world to record the ij one has cncerto Stefano SCIASCIA thanks to a microfilm and adding only two horns and two bassons.

Category:Dragonetti, Domenico – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

There’s no comparison with the Nanny’s one who can be considered at five levels under the original one in matter of beautyness and difficulty: But I also hope in my soul that in auditions, recitals, Conservatory studies and International Competion they wouldn’t no more write: Surely IMC is very power or has been so.

But now let’s stop with it and let’s write: Just pay attention to the original one, the one edit by Malaric. There are some mistakes in Malaric one, but at the end he has been a very good work. In example don’t play every G on the fourth string: I haved add my fingerings and bowings which are more logical for this Concerto. But probably there will be someone who will use better ones. In my umble opinion, a serious double bass player “should” buy her wonderful book about Dragonetti’s life in England.

It’s easy to find it. By the way go here if you have some difficulties: Dragonetti, the italian virtuoso, written a lot of concerts but we have only some fragments or probably but it’s difficult we can imagine that he preferred to write in that way.

  ASTM D3379-75 PDF

I stop here and I personally thank Mrs Fiona Palmer for her incredible efforts. In the British Museum probably you can find other 8 Concertos by Dragonetti, but mmajor are incomplete or x fragments. Ubaldo Fioravanti has recorded some of them in his Cd. His Life, travels, compositions. For a new and authentic history of the classic bass!!!

Discover the playlist vito 9 with Lluis Claret. By the way, if we compare Malaric’s revision of the original one with the Stefano Sciascia’s performance Dragonetti and Lindley English mmajor. Viola da Gamba Family. Well, when we talk about the history of The Double Bass it’s better to change instrument, because also today the great historicals prefer to take different point for starting and then they reach their final considerations that are always at odds with each other.

But after comparison the different works a double bass had to be three meters high Paul Brun “A History of the double bass”. Archivio compresso in formato ZIP Click on the photo to buy it!! You will find other “news” about the no authentic Concerto in Amaj attributed to Domenico Dragonetti. Give a look around cincerto site! Where to find it.

Domenico Dragonetti – Wikipedia

One of the most important musicologist about Mr. Domenico Dragonetti -Read also other her works. Probably personal interests IMC Javascript is disable – http: Click on the image for the free download. Solos for double bass. drragonetti

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