Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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Front side needs to be accessible for maintenance of pump and electric equipment. De-aerate system after changing chlorine tank according manufacturers documentation. In case sa requirements prescribe connection to above main-deck, a suitable 2″ overflow connection with waterlock mm depth is sufficient is advised.

No spam – Unsubscribe anytime. Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order xka item pick up. If the bacterial culture has started properly it will revert to clear. Digested sludge formation is prevented by continuously feeding activated sludge back into the active system.

Buyer is responsible dvs all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges. Enter your email address to receive monthly updates when the best machine deals enter the market. The advantage of this treatment method is its extremely large reactive area, which is up to 15 times larger than that of conventional systems.

Water may freeze and break the pump casing! There shall be sufficient free space to service the unit. The system is ventilated to the open deck via the ventilation system. Sucked-in objects may be ejected at very svz speed danger of injury. If the back pressure persists, wash down the Treatment Tank vent from its upper termination with a stream of high pressure water to clear any possible blockage.

Normally the system is able to restart without any problems within a period of one weeks. It is used, but still in working order, and is being sold for sa owners who don’t need it.


Biomaster DVZ SKA 20 Biological Sewage Treatment Plant | Salvex

Pumps received wrapped with corrosion inhibiting treated material should be rewrapped. Protect eyes and skin from contact with chlorine. Liquid chlorine is aggressive, and poisonous.

The work described under this section may be executed by a Issue: Replace auxiliary relay and start again. Object, items of clothing and also hair can be sucked into the intake port danger of injury! Breathing apparatus may be necessary. How does Exapro work?

Select a clean, dry storage location. List items in each ddvz our selling formats i.

Using them for – aggressive – poisonous – explosive or – very most media is not permitted. Please observe the information in these operating instructions, to ensure that the unit functions satisfactorily and remains serviceable for a long period: Leave the system on line with the blower running. Don’t miss your next machine!


Subscribe to our newsletter We send our best offers from the marketplace and auction announcements. NOTE that lifting eyes fitted to individual pieces such as pump and motor are designed to lift only this part and not the complete assembly. Der Antriebsmotor ist mit einem Motorschutzschalter abzusichern.

In case of a rising level in the vessel, the liquid will contact the electrodes and will form a conductive connection between the grounded electrode and the measuring electrodes or between the measuring electrodes and the wall of the vessel, depending on the operating mode.

Dieser Zustand bleibt solange erhalten, bis der vom mech. Always wash up with water and preferably disinfecting soap after works. If system level is above outside water level, install a watertrap, to the same level as the tanktop and make sure that syphoning is avoided in the discharge pipe install breather pipe or valve at highest point of watertrap Overboard connection to be in accordance with applicable class.

Solid particles or contaminantes must be withheld by a filter unit before entering the side-channel blower.


DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant

If it can be anticipated, that the ship will go to restricted waters, a sludge pump out shall be performed a few days before, in open unrestricted discharge waters, to ensure full operational time available without need of de-sludging. Open the inspection hatch and check for excessive foam in the Treatment Tanks.

The side-channel blower may never be operated with open discharge flange, and therefore has to be protected with a wire guard in accordance with DIN EN The sja potential may be either a common electrode or the vessel depending on the application, on the location and on the local operating procedures. Shorter intervals for heavy duty operation e.

After receipt and inspection, a pump not immediately installed should be repackaged and placed in suitable storage. Adding disinfectant via the metering pump 07 kills off germs and bacteria.

Instruct the personal NOT to empty buckets in drains that lead to the treatment plant after cleaning 9. If the problem cannot be isolated and repaired quickly, bypass the sewage overboard. When moist, dusty atmosphere must be used for storage, further protect the pump or unit with a moisture repellent cover until it is to be installed. The pump is now ready to operate. Check with your process people to see if any special decontamination procedures have to be followed before working on a pump.

By continuing to browse Exapro, you are agreeing to use cookies on our site. If the Treatment Tanks vent is not the correct size, back pressure will almost certainly occur every time a highsuds detergent is introduced into the system. Always isolate the pump electrically before dismantling.

Describtion lateral blower discharge pump sensor electrode 4.