BS EN specifies the requirements for the design and manufacture of pot bearings which will be used for operating temperatures. Buy EN STRUCTURAL BEARINGS – PART 5: POT BEARINGS from SAI Global. BS EN Structural bearings. Pot bearings. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. General Product.

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Graphite classification by visual analysis. Terminology and general criteria for test methods.

Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories. Valid Buy this standard. Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for safety barriers. Pot bearings Article no: Subscribe on standards with our subscription service.

The standard is now in your shopping cart. Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources. Canadian General Standards Board. Standards of accredited organizations or other agencies. Specification, performance, production and conformity.


BS EN – Structural bearings. Pot bearings

General safety and environmental requirements. German Institute for Standardisation. Contact us svenska Login. Determination of needle penetration. Goods and Services Identification Number. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. International Concrete Repair Institute.

Test method for determining the acoustic rn. What is a standard?

Determination of abrasion resistance. Requirements and Test Methods. Reference concretes for testing.

EN – Structural bearings – Part 5: Pot bearings –

American Water Works Association. Determination of water-soluble chloride content of fresh mortars.

General terms and conditions Cookies och Javascript Disclaimer Contact. Small Delft test pieces. Transportation Association of Canada. NOTE The minimum shade air temperature for a location should be obtained from meteorological data appropriate to a year return period.

Ring and ball method. National Council Highway Research Program.

Predominantly 13375 cast iron gate valves. BS EN Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas – Design requirements, type testing, marking, quality control.


Structural bearings – Part 5: Pot bearings

Energibesiktning av byggnader – flerbostadshus och lokaler. Guide to dependability programme management. Message to your colleague. Your shopping cart is empty.

General actions – Actions during execution.

Method for determination of rebound resilience. Report error on page. Society for Protective Coatings. Measurement of impact sound insulation.

BS EN 1337-5:2005

Canadian Acts and Regulations. Surface protection systems for concrete. Specification for copper alloy and composite flanges.

Determination of liquid water permeability. Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada. Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect?

Road marking performance for road users. Limits and Methods of Measurement.