c) Equal-area stereonets are used in structural geology because they present b ) The north pole of the stereonet is the upper point where all lines of longitude. Background information on the use of stereonets in structural analysis The above is an equal area stereonet projection showing great circles as arcuate lines. Page 1. mm. WIDTH. Blunt. TUT. HT. T itillinn.

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The analysis and interpretation of data achieved through the use of either equal area of equal angle steronets should steereonet in same conclusions. The rake of the fault is between the left most edge of the footwall and the displacement vector red. In work environment, we usually use software to generate stereonets.

Typically university geology and engineering students are expected create stereonets by hand. To find the central angle between two points on the sphere based on equap stereographic plot, overlay the plot on a Wulff net and rotate the plot about the center until the two points lie on or near a meridian. Structural Analysis Using Stereonets 2 weeks, focus on the Arbuckles 30 pts. The foliation of a rock is a planar feature that often contains a linear feature called lineation.

A Mathematician Looks at Maps”.

Stereographic projection

All lines in the plane, when transformed to circles sterdonet the sphere by the inverse of stereographic projection, meet at the projection point. The green point represents their common line, i. In elementary arithmetic geometrystereographic projection from the unit circle provides a means to describe all primitive Pythagorean triples. As in crystallography, planes are typically plotted by their eqjal.

In structural geology, we use the bottom half or hemisphere of the spherical projection. Differential geometry and applications.


Albers Equidistant Lambert conformal. The set of all lines through the origin in three-dimensional space forms a space called the real projective plane. It could represent a principal stress for a conjugate fault pair.

Instead, it is common to use graph paper designed specifically for the task. Label each one clearly. A detailed diagram… Hand written sample. Retrieved from ” https: These lines are sometimes thought of as circles through the point at infinity, or circles of infinite radius. Angles are slightly distorted and make the circles appear as ellipses. In Cartesian coordinates xyz on the sphere and XY on the plane, the projection and its inverse are given by the formulas.

Also, there are many ways to rewrite these formulas using trigonometric identities. There are different methods by which the points of intersection with the lower hemisphere are projected onto the stereonet. The first part of your stereonet lab will explore the mechanics of manually plotting elements on a stereonet, while the second part will focus using computer programs to contour data and make analysis.

Planes and lines whose orientation is being plotted all pass through the center. In the 16th and 17th century, the equatorial aspect of the stereographic projection was commonly used for maps of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Similarly, a fault plane is a planar feature that may contain linear features such as slickensides. Moeck and Eric Mandell Making sense of nanocrystal lattice fringes, J.

The set of circles passing through the point of projection have unbounded radius, and therefore degenerate into lines. The area element is given in XY coordinates by. E Find the acute bisector of the two plane. These orientations can be visualized as in the section Visualization of lines and planes above. Read the Docs v: The parametrizations can be chosen to induce the same orientation on the sphere. This construction has special significance in complex analysis. The stereographic is the only projection that maps all circles on a sphere to circles.

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This facilitates an elegant and useful notion of infinity for the complex numbers and indeed an entire theory of meromorphic functions mapping to the Riemann sphere. This space is difficult to visualize, because it cannot be embedded in three-dimensional space. The projection that is equxl chosen for this, is the Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection with equatorial aspect See: What is important to someone who just started using steronets is to recognize that steronets represents half a sphere where the cross section has degrees.

To plot the pole rotate the great circle representing the plane so that it’s strike line is oriented N-S, then count 90 degrees along the equator passing through the middle point of the stereonet.

Equal Area (Schmidt) Stereonet

Hence, most educational institutions prefer equal area steronets for their students over the equal angle stereonets. Basic Algebraic Geometry I. However, the equal area steronets will reduce the area distortion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When the projection is centered at the Earth’s north or south pole, it has additional desirable properties: The stereographic projection has been sterdonet to map spherical panoramas.

Eequal electron diffractionKikuchi line pairs appear as bands decorating the intersection between lattice plane traces and the Ewald sphere thus providing experimental access to a crystal’s stereographic projection.

Plane B rake is downwards towards SE direction. An example of such a plane is shown in red here.