Themes in Etherscope encourage us to look under the surface and the RPG talks later of an “uber plot” which will expand in future supplements. Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for an Etherscope game Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you. Etherscope: Etherspace Adventures in an Age of Industry, Intrigue, and Imperialism- A Complete Role-Playing Game [Nigel McClelland, Ben Redmond] on.

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The world wars of the 20th Century were resolved differently, leaving the British Empire and the European powers largely intact. The United States of America is an upstart power that gradually worked its way onto the global scene. The sign read Phoenix Imports. Japan is the only independent country in Asia.

Etherscope RPG

Minority languages and cultures are encouraged, but German is the official government language and the language used and taught in their public secondary schools and universities. Fantasy History Alternative Steampunk. Kendrigard tells Decker via Ethercomm and is scalded. He ethercope the main desk and hands over his invitation to a sneering old man he peers down at him with a constant from and a pair of ethersscope spectacles.

RPGG was nearly destroyed the first time it was attempted. Punk scope riders fight evil industrialists while occult investigators war against Etherspace demons. The more complex concept extends to the interface technologies that allow a user to interact with a system indirectly via keyboards, consoles, or Etheric gauntlets or directly via an Etherjack implant. We have another quintessentially cyberpunk offering to — cybernetics.

Etherscoe RPG Etherscope rulebook.

The Etherscope RPG community’s Journal

The eugenic options are available at character generation. Curate soon shuts up. It has an arm’s length relationship with the Neu Reich and is very aloof to the British Empire. When Russia collapsed ina series of political movements ConstitutionalistsDemocratsAnarchistsSocialistsetc. Soaring up we swoop over the towering megablocks of red brick piping imperial tonnes of choking gas into the skies.


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There are an eyherscope lot of layers for a GM to explore and weave stories through. The only limits are a user’s skill and imagination – though off-the-rack or custom-made avatars are available from Enginauts. Huge lats of coffin cubes etherscop up, balconies displaying clothes being dried, clouds of steam billowing out from kitchens, gawdy lights illuminating the variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and stores.


The Soviet Union, bolstered by allied support, fought a two-front land war with Neu Reich in the west and Japanese forces in the east.

The Etherjack is a cybernautic implant that allows users to interface directly with the Etheric plane a process called Scope Immersion. Also in the room is the smartly dress aristocrat contrasting the aristocrat of Morgan Kendrigard, a member of the Eugenics League and thus a Alpha class human, the cream of the crop, bred from the best families.

The rgp British and Dutch forces fought an island-hopping amphibious war against Ethetscope in the Pacific. Wilhelm and Sophie acted as co-regents until their son’s majority at 18 []. The Soviet Union was set up amongst the ruins of the Russian Empire starting in Although both sides had a long history of conflict, they tended to view the question as a political one and violence and armed struggle were only embraced by extreme elements.

Recreational use of Scope Tabsa drug compound that grants the user access to the Etheric realm, have become a common form etherwcope escape for both bored workers and jaded aristocrats alike.

Etherscope RPG|Goodman Games

For years the Eugenics League had been carefully breeding in their own circles, mixing the best of their own bloodlines note that the New Reich is a super power in this world and refer to themselves as Alphas. By tapping into this dimension man — the British — has a powerful new energy source and ways to create powerful and impressive new machines. Curate finds a table and listens in and hears that the device is to be moved soon, onto a Zep.

Neu Reich, technically neutral, fought a defensive war against the Soviet Union’s attempts to take back their lost territories. The streets are lined with stalls, and a mixture of well off Mancunians and Chinese fill the streets and steam cabs honk their way through, adding to the babble of Cantonese in the air. The ticket booth is also attended by a flickering program who asks Curate if he wishes to purchase a ticket. Also present at character generation are the hugely important elements of wealth and social position.


The two oriental men had already been edging back and make a break for it, exiting the cinema, the other agent in chase, breaking the doors off the hinges as he pounds through.

So the troupe make a prompt departure from the labs and head north again, back to Manchester and the heart of Metropolis. For now, though, whatever the American truth is the new world provides a juxtaposition to the inequality of the Victorian style Britain.

Karl I renounced participation in Austro-Hungarian government in and abdicated his throne inmaking the infant Prince Franz his heir. This page does not exist. The group head to the location, having now gained a new contact in china town, and find a way into the flats past the police who are watching most of the entrances, save the one on the lower levels where all the boilers and communal wash rooms are located. The exact opinion varies, as nothing is known precisely about it. America used diplomatic pressure on the allies and then threatened military interference in the summer ofallowing Japan to fight the Europeans to a stalemate.

Its government has preferred a strong centralized Federal government over weak subordinated State governments since its Civil War, but it favors a laissez-faire policy towards most economic matters. The rest of mankind are known as Betas. Government programs sponsoring scientific research, technological specialization, and skilled labor manufacturing were used to create a prosperous economy with trade links outside the Union.

Having stolen some documents from a truckers vehical the troupe makes its way into the port and tries to find out how they determine which Zep the device will be loaded onto. Runaway genespliced workers live in the sewers in communities called “Gammavilles” after the Gamma-class workers who founded them.

The group now has a new line of investigation and send Kendrigard to scout out the office while Curate and Morgan drive to Liverpool. Cybernaughts etherxcope human beings who utilize interface technologies.