FAISAL–WEIZMANN AGREEMENTS Signed in London, 3 January , between Amir Faisal I ibn Hussein (“representing and acting on behalf of the Arab. Signed on January 3rd, , the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement was an agreement between Jews and Arabs who both wished to set up their. The Faisal–Weizmann Agreement was signed on 3 January , by Emir Faisal (son of the King of Hejaz), who was for a short time King of the Arab Kingdom.

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Arabs are not jealous of Zionist Jews, and intend weizmannn give them fair play and the Zionist Jews have assured the Nationalist Arabs of their intention to see that they too have fair play in their respective areas. Signed on January 3rd,the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement was an agreement between Jews and Arabs who both wished to set up their own nations in the Middle East. Subsequently, a spokesman for Feisal announced that “His majesty does not remember having written anything of that kind with his knowledge.


Faisal-weizmann agreement is described in one stanza of Bang-e-dara by Allama Iqbal. The Zionist Organization will place the aforementioned Commission at the disposal of the Arab State for the purpose of a survey of the economic possibilities of the Arab State and to report upon the best means for its development. It soon became clear, however, that none of these conditions would be met. I think he was. Martin Buber’s Open Letter to Gandhi. Agreement Between Emir Feisal and Dr.

Smith,Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict4th ed. Turkish intrigue in Palestine has raised jealousy between the Jewish colonists and the local peasants, but the mutual understanding of the aims of Arabs and Jews will at once clear away the last trace of this former bitterness, which, indeed, had already practically disappeared before the war by the work of the Arab Secret Revolutionary Committee, which in Syria and elsewhere laid the foundation of the Arab military successes of the past two years.


Submit Please insert a valid email address By signing up to The Jpost mailing list, I hereby Accept the terms and conditions. We do not acknowledge that they have a title, and we regard their claims as a grave menace to our national, political, and economic life.

Faisal–Weizmann Agreement

The Arab countries are all independent, and therefore the condition on which depended the fulfillment agrrement this treaty, has come into effect.

Britain and the Arab Middle East: Share on Facebook Twitter Google Plus. The Arab countries are all independent, and therefore the condition on which depended the fulfillment of this treaty, has come into effect.

Arab Riots of the s. Henry McMahon had exchanged letters with Faisal’s father Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca inin which he had promised Hussein control of Arab lands with the exception of “portions of Syria ” lying to the west of “the districts of DamascusHomsHama and Aleppo “.

Chaim Weizmann “representing and acting on behalf of the Zionist Organisation”. Syria became a Weizmmann mandate and Feisal was made king of Iraq instead.

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Faisal-Weizmann Agreement Is Signed

London and Totowa, NJ: Part of a series on the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. After retiring from the military Imi continued teaching Krav Maga to civilians and law enforcement units, and in established the Israeli Krav Maga Association.

Provided the Arabs obtain their independence as demanded in my Memorandum dated the 4th of January,to the Foreign Office of the Government of Great Britain, I shall concur in the above articles.

Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Arab League Egypt Jordan. Retrieved August 1, The Zionist Organization will use weizmnan best wsizmann to assist the Arab State in providing the means for developing the natural resources and economic possibilities thereof. Chaim Weizmann Feisal Ibn-Hussein [h].


Assassination of Hayim Arlosoroff. The Zionist Organization proposes to send to Palestine a Commission of experts to make a survey of the economic possibilities of the country, and to report upon the best means for its development.

After the war the extent of the coastal exclusion was hotly disputed. On 2 July the Congress in a memorandum presented to the King-Crane Commission completely opposed any migration to Palestine and the latter not to be separated from Syria.

Faisal–Weizmann Agreement – Wikipedia

If the Arabs are established as I have asked in my manifesto of January 4th addressed to the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, I will carry out what is written in agrfement agreement. Article IV All necessary measures shall be taken to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale, and as quickly as possible to settle Jewish immigrants upon the land through closer settlement and intensive cultivation of the soil.

How could he sign a document that was written by a foreigner in favour of another foreigner in English in a language of which he knew nothing? During World War I.

Then Came the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement | Avi Benlolo | The Blogs

Any matters of dispute which may arise between the contracting parties hall be referred to the British Government for arbitration. If gaisal are made, I cannot be answerable for failing to carry out this agreement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.