Formule trigonometrice. 1. sinα = a c. ; cosα = b c. ; tg α = a b. ; ctg α = b a. ;. (a, b – catetele, c – ipotenuza triunghiului dreptunghic, α – unghiul, opus catetei a). Test de verificare. Quiz. Guest. Comment. Stop Reading. Created with Raphaël Created with Raphaël 1 / 4. Created with Raphaël Created. Formule trigonometrice. Rulz Andrei. Uploaded by. Rulz Andrei. Formule trigonometrice Formule de calcul prescurtat: READ PAPER. GET file. ×Close.

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Post on Feb 61 views. Calibration of the CTG.

Features and Terminology of CTG. The four formuls features of CTG are: Baseline Fetal Heart Rate. It is determined over a time of minutes, and expressed in beats per minute.

Moderate bradycardiaModerate tachycardia Abnormal: Normal baseline 5 bpm between trifonometrice for up to 40 minutesNon-Reassuring: Non-reassuring baseline variability 30 minutes, are always indicative of fetal hypoxia, and further action is indicated. Variable, intermittent, periodic slowing of the FHR, with rapid onset and recovery. Time relationships with contraction waves are variable.


Sometimes, they may trigonometeice other types of decelerations in timing and shape. Variable decelerations are either typical or atypical. Typical variable decelerations are an autonomic nervous system response to cord compression and are indicative of the fetus coping well.

Calibration of the CTG – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Atypical variable decelerations may subsequently develop indicating that the fetus is now less able to cope with cord compression. If fetal bradycardia occurs for more than 3 minutes, plan should be made to urgently expedite delivery.

A category 1 birth should be declared and the woman should be immediately transferred to the theatre. If the fetal formuld rate recovers within 9 minutes, the decision for immediate delivery should be reconsidered, if reasonable, and in consultation with the woman.

Smooth, undulating pattern, lasting at least 10 minutes, has a relatively fixed period of cycles per minute at an amplitude of beats per minute above and below the baseline.

Baseline variability is absent. A true sinusoidal pattern is an abnormal feature and is associated with high rates of fetal morbidity and mortality.