Documents Similar To Maharaj to Mahan Tantric. Yoga for Depression. Uploaded by. AWGP Youthcell MP. Castaneda Controversy-Michael Harner’s Reply. From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric: The Construction of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga by Philip Deslippe (). From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric. Who will be crowned the next Mahan Tantric to succeed Yogi Bhajan? at Santa Barbara in “From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric.

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He also said that he journeyed all over India looking for a teacher and met many saints including Sai Baba.

Trilochan Singh saw it and speaks about it in his expose’. We build, and build, and build, and build. Yogi Bhajan is ranting. I will post our discussion of this article from when the academic journal, Sikh Formations V 8published.

Sections of this page. If true, I wonder why? Let you hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world! This is what I have been told.

Bhajan used a lot of MK-Ultra techniques to break down the personalities of his students in order to control them: YB mixed them and made up a bunch of KY too. A close Punjabi friend of mine – now deceased – had either been in Delhi at the time of the assassination tnatric arrived shortly thereafter. He Yogi Bhajan frankly and sadly confessed that when he went to India in with 84 Americans, 80 left him because Nirlep Kaur lowered his prestige by insulting him everywhere. There is a life all over the universe and beyond universe, and whatever you can imagine, you are imagining life is there, but it’s mahagaja transparent.

Lilan Po bears no resemblance to any Tibetan name I have ever seen or read. But in less than a week Virsa Singh and Yogi Bhajan have a big falling out. RoseLotus1 Apr Hi Antion, I am posting the Virsa Singh part of the interview I did with you Fall over a decade ago, mercy, mercy and I have a new couple questions for you after that!


UC Santa Barbara

It was a sideshow! He didn’t make it as a yogi, his books didn’t sell. YB bought and destroyed the film, but Dr. And in the science of yoga it is called ‘Ida’ and ‘Pingala’.

From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric: The Construction of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga

He alleged that he had been cheated of Rs 10, by Mr Puri. However, at that time, I understood very little about the Sikh religion, or what the import of the ceremony might be. RoseLotus1 Apologies for disrupting your chain of thought about Bhajan’s bogus lineage, yet again.

The yogis wore white Punjabi clothes, traveling to one Gurdwara after another, singing kirtan mantra chanting and they were told not to talk about yoga. They are in some room at the Akal Takhat.

Maybe he met JJ Angleton when he returned home, maybe through Indiraji? I tantirc him say this myself. Who will be crowned the next Mahan Tantric to succeed Yogi Bhajan? However the style of chanting the mantra, with which all Bhajanists and ex-Bhajanists mabaraja so familiar, is totally from YB. Users browsing this forum: Before you leave behind the origins of the D.

They were a big group so this made a big impression!

The Wacko World of Yogi Bhajan • View topic – From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric by Philip Deslippe

Basically he uses all the standard methods of academic analysis to prove that YBism is based on lies. They lived in tents.

Although YB had taken special notice of me, it had happened out of sight of all other Bhajanists except Baba Singh; no one else knew what had happened between us. In other words, the trip and the resulting Virsa Singh controversy ended the original charade and gave rise to what the author calls the “current, popularly understood mythology.


But, even though I would have been impressed inas I was joining the YB group, to hear how YBers visited Indira Gandhi Premka visited her later too no one ever mentioned this to me. Unfortunately understanding politics, particular Indian politcs is not my field.

Yes a Circus Act. They bailed YB out and fled, almost being stopped at the airport. She was speaking at Yuba City Gurdwara.

Need to mention that Dr. It had the air of being a weekly audience where she met the plebs, as there were a lot mahzn other people there who seemed to be from different groups.

The purpose was, that if we miss that plane, we would lose mahraaja tickets, reservation was done, that was the last plane, our ticket period was over, the idea was to totally defunct us. The camera crew stayed with YB.

Maan the mythologizer himself had been spinning his story for a scant two years previous to the India trip the necessary revisions were easy to slip past Bhajan’s mshan customers. As opposed to the official history of Kundalini Yoga that claims it as an ancient and secret tradition prior to Yogi Bhajan’s open teaching of it, this article argues that it was a bricolage created by Yogi Bhajan himself and derived from two main figures: