A good occasion to take a look at Genna Sosonko’s new book “Evil-Doer: Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi”, a fine memoir of one of the most. Chess-News will offer you the detailed coverage of the event, namely Genna Sosonko will be on the spot to share everything he will see in. We will talk to Genna Sosonko who was present at the historical Blitz Match between Kasparov and Short or “veterans” match as one of its.

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In over six hours of video, he gives a first hand account of crucial events from recent chess history, you can improve your chess understanding and enjoy explanations and comments from a unique and outstanding personality on and off the chess board. Sosonko has authored six non-technical chess books centering heavily on his chess life in the Soviet Union and gena relationships with and memories of both leading Soviet players and lesser-known characters in chess history.

Genna Sosonko: “Short Was Pretty Upset About the Last Game”

They are both from Leningrad, Fenna was born inSosonko inthey first met at a simul. Hansen has three series currently in print: Despite all the luck and Caruana’s mistakes in the last rounds, Anand has still become the winner.

Sosonko vs Boris Khropov. The same is true about Filatov.

So she became the sponsor of the tournament held in Korchnoi once liked to ski enthusiastically, could dance throughout the night, liked to play cards, and was interested in history, politics, and literature but when he sisonko older he only focused on chess. The World Players’ Council has published a response to these declarations on the forum ” I stand corrected, tx.


It is not that easy to name any of his family, friends or colleagues with whom he never got into an argument.

I have to agree that the standard of play usually increases after rest days, to say nothing of Sosonko vs Y Gusev. So, here’s the 13th world champion who is looking at the game with Catalan opening. Garry of course realized that there were more than enough mistakes and blunders during the match. Korchnoi was also dismissive of Carlsen.

He’s an unusually weak player, just lucky, he doesn’t understand much about strategy. B78 Sosoko, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, The fact is that the sosonio pages covered news about one of the biggest Belgian banks that just fell on its face and now is nationalized. Why I’m emphasizing this by the way, Andrei Filatov is also a quite strong candidate master as I knowjust to compare them to some other sponsors, who may be pretty different.

If they remove Ilyumzhinov by the above Statute, currently the position would be unfilled. Nxe6 Nf7 not given in the book.

A fascinating memoir: Genna Sosonko’s “Evil-Doer: Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi”

He wins the following Candidate Gennq and in he plays in Baguio City, the capital of the Philippines, for the world title against Karpov — at that time Korchnoi is already 47 years old. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He was so much distressed for losing so resignedly. Oleg himself is a quite strong player, who competes with GMs time after times. Sosonko has no games with the Winawer French in this DB-what are you maundering on about now? Korchnoi’s parents separated early, and Korchnoi grew up with his stepmother, the new wife of his father.

His names gets mentioned often when it comes to the Winanwer. A few points are worth mentioning here.


In Petrosian defeats him in the semifinals of the Candidate Matches, and in Korchnoi narrowly loses against Anatoly Karpov in the finals of the Candidates Matches. Nevertheless, the Indian’s actual performances in the s forced Korchnoi to eventually become one of Vishy’s biggest fans. No posting personal information of members.

Also, a lot of training games, a lot of blitz games.

The chess games of Gennady Borisovich Sosonko

He was the organizer of the Aronian – Anand friendly match last year. Approaching 70 years of age no ossonko in some style. But Korchnoi was full of contradictions — which showed when he later revealed the real reason for his grudge against Carlsen: Hou Yifan could have traded.

Sosonko vs Y Smolsky.

Genna Sosonko: “Do You Know Who Was the Most Famous Swiss Chess Sponsor?” |

Sosonko’s reflections, comments, background gena, and his benevolent view of the strenghts and weaknesses of Korchnoi connect and unite these stories and turn Evil-Doer into a very readable and entertaining book. In he is supposed to play against the young Garry Kasparov in the semifinals of the Candidate Matches but the match between Kasparov and Korchnoi at first does not gena about because FIDE and the Soviet Chess Federation cannot agree on a venue for the match.

sodonko Recent comments Good move! So readers can expect master-level games in specific openings where one side wins quickly, and the idea is that some knowledge of typical traps and tactics can be discerned by playing through them.