Getting Unstuck has ratings and 48 reviews. Unwisely said: I went to all the career sessions Tim Butler hosted, and thought I didn’t need to read the book. Getting Unstuck Summary, written by Timothy Butler, Ph.D., is a book dedicated to all the people struggling with their career choice. It aims to. Feeling trapped in your career? Author Timothy Butler believes that your dead ends are your biggest opportunities. Here, Louise FitzBaxter shares her.

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The exercises are excellent – very thorough and methodical. After letting go of the ego, one has to meditate on an image gathering process. His ‘deep dives’ are useful, practical exercises, and couple w I gained a great deal from this book.

He then goes into describing power in terms of alphas who want power for its own sake. Jan 21, Kamy rated it it was ok. You will need a group of people to bounce ideas off of- preferably people who have worked with you, supervised you, or worked under you current direct reports won’t work since they can’t be trusted to tell you the whole truth. Ultimately we will not be happy if we let someone else call the shots.

You will experience psychological impasse many times in your life. I’m writing an e-mail to Tim right now to tell him how he changed my life.


Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths by Timothy Butler – Leadershop @

Ego helps us by making things more efficient in our lives by starkly contrasting what is important from what is not. At first while reading this book, I thought ‘well this isn’t really telling me anything about myself I didn’t already know’, and then I realized that was the whole point. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Next, put your hands in your lap, and fix your gaze in front of you. My top themes were the Boss and the Persuader. Want to Read saving….

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This then connects to themes around what you want in a job. He believes these career dead ends are an amazing opportunity to change things for timotyy better. He accurately called out that I like to think that what I say is what we should do – which tends to cause problems when you are I really enjoyed this book.

I really enjoyed this book. Whether it’s someone else’s expectations or your own ‘accuser’, try to capture the negative thoughts that kick in when you’re about to take a new step forward. Drawn from years of counseling and teaching experience as well as vital research, Getting Unstuck is essential reading for those who choose to thrive in their most important endeavors.

And then he wrote one of the most quoted poems in any language. A couple of them were essentially saying ‘think about this for a while’, and I wanted more guidance, as was offered in some of the earlier ubtler.


Reading this book is a great solution when hiring your own career advisor and counselor isn’t an option.

I discovered that ‘stuck’ doesn’t mean paralyzed and ‘unstuck’ is not limited to dramatic gestures. Aug 16, Bea Elwood rated it liked it. Not to mention readable and insightful. I have found it useful for getting through my own impasse.

Not a waste of time but didn’t really give me anything I could immediately use. An OK book on dealing with personal crisis related to getting into ruts with your life.

This isn’t your typical career book. There are 10 archetypes:. I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars because I wanted an equal amount of detail in each of the exercises. He has some helpful exercises in questions in this This isn’t your typical career book. Drawing on a wealth of stories about individuals who have successfully transitioned out of impasses, Getting Unstuck provides a practical, authoritative road map for moving past your immediate impasse—and defining a meaningful path forward.

You see, Rainer Rilke was a great German poet, possibly the most beloved foreign author in the English-speaking world. I mean, that is what I got from it.