Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. . folder; Tortoise SVN: add the folder ” glscene” manually so you have lazarus/components/glscene. In GLScene the universe or 3D world is called a scene. We will learn how to start a basic GLScene application and how to control .. Tecplot User’s Manual.

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There is a lot of theory about 3D graphics. On the other hand it consumes a lot of memory. If you are willing to contribute to this book please feel free to send me your chapter. GLScene from snapshot Snapshot is an archive file containing all source code files.

Insert a link to a new page. Manula — Not shown in object inspector. Already have an account? If you have any reasonable question, go ahead and ask at GLScene forum. Everyone can understand the difference between 3.

HDS components load terrain data from different formats and supply suitable data for terrain renderer. Put different textures on blocks.

This can give some rest for the system. Skip this chapter if you are familiar with this topic. To play the sound add sound behavior to scene object, specify which sound to play by index or name and the sound will be emitted by the object in 3D space. Which one will you choose depends on your intentions with this library. Number of branches and polygons is set by Depth property.


glscene / FAQ Install

You have to register before you can post. The third dimension here is going to add only a little bit of eye candy. The three tabs are: Another format is Halflife smd. You can change the width and height of both. It defines color of the object on direct light. First of all we do not know how long will it take for the manal to render the scene. The grayscale image must be 16 bit. Right click on cameras then click on Add camera a new camera is created.

The Scene Editor should look like this. Boolean value called Active will represent status of the block. There is a number of GLScene administrators now. All of these objects together with nice camera position can be made design time. Which member of Mankal field is to be compared against is determined by rounding absolute X position of the cube.

Default value is [0,0,1].

What happens is that the last digits are trimmed and we get the right length: It is recommended to use Direction and Up vectors instead. In the end which direction is up will depend on the camera rotation. ProgressTime is used to access DeltaTime.

Another interesting feature is minDeltaTime. Enter the above CVS root. This is required for automatic promotions to work and to ensure your account is not deleted during the registration process.


These objects are rendered as bitmaps on screen. If you want to for example move all of the objects just move the dummy cube.

Time Interval in milliseconds triggers onTimer event. You should now be able to compile and run many of the maual examples, as detailed on the following page, but you do not yet have the visual components to drop onto a form. The program may run on an old hardware configuration or a top hightech PC with the latest CPU and graphics accelerator. You cam move and rotate camera around the scene. Animations are accessed by index or name.

Making Games with GLScene in Lazarus on Windows

If you want to delete the objects just call DeleteChildren function of the dummy cube. Scene editor is the heart of GLScene.

The back faces become visible only if the material is transparent and if back face culling is off. Originally Posted by Thyandyr. There is one interesting issue in the hierarchy.