From Wikipedia: Grail Quest is a series of gamebooks by J. H. Brennan. The books are illustrated by John Higgins (I). The series is (usually) set in King Arthur’s. Note: Some of these gamebooks were planned for addition but This page showcases some of the best gamebook and solo .. GrailQuest. GrailQuest is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure-type game books by J.H. Brennan, with eight books in the series: The Castle of Darkness (); The Den of.

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GrailQuest | RPG | RPGGeek

Codewords are used in each book to keep track of which areas have already been visited and which major events have already occurred, and there are sometimes places in the text where grailquestt may leave behind items to be retrieved later.

Combat Command is a series of “interactive novels” by various authors, all edited by Bill Fawcett, the originator of this series. The GrailQuests were my magical books. Not as many references as the average FF book, and sometimes put together in a rather ramshackle fashion, GrailQuest is distinguised by its easy to learn system, the preponderance of items you could find to enhance your fighting ability, and an absolutely silly magic system which captured the tone of the books perfectly.

If you like Marvel comics, this series is well worth checking out. Recommended Middle-Earth Quest links: One six-sided die is required to play each game, and the combat system is quite simple despite the fact that each superhero is given numerical skills in different categories.


However, running jokes like gfailquest cheater trap in each book, along with characters that reappeared, made these books very likable. Grailquest 7 Rules Reference front. The Plains of Howling Darkness. Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries is a fun gamebook series based on the world’s most famous fictional detective. Challenge of the Promethean Guild.

Happiness Description from Demian’s page about this ultra-rare series: You can edit this page to create it. The situation is even worse in the United States, where only two books were published under the Quest label.

James Herbert ” Herbie ” Brennan is a lecturer and the author of over one hundred fiction and non-fiction books for adults, teens, and children. Getting hit by an axe graipquest likely to kill you in one go, for example, and you’ll feel the repurcussions of your dishonorable or honorable actions similar to the Karma system in the Marvel Super Heroes gamebook series, but more complex.


The games are quite hard — not so much because they require a lot of skill as a lot of luck, i. Downloads here are the complete 6-book series, with big thanks to wert for helping to track them down.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Sherlock Holmes International Sherlockian. This provides Pip with more spells of various uses in and out of combat. TutorText on Nutritional Cooking. They are still fun, though, and the plots and alien designs are interesting enough to keep you ggailquest – even if you are no longer fourteen. GM-less No gamemaster needed to play. Where else were you recruited by Gamebookw The Shadow of Shargan.

Designed for kids, each book is easy to read, interspersed with pictorial puzzles and illustrations. The Black Road War. Legion of The Dead GrailQuest. Still, it’s always a shame to see a series die prematurely, and while the end of Fatemaster isn’t as tragic as the failure of Fabled Lands, grailqhest would have been nice to watch the series evolve further.


Castle of Darkness

Down Among the Dead Men. You can be the Stainless Steel Rat This collection features gamebooks that were released individually, either as one-of-a-kind gamebooks or as the start of a slated series that met a grailsuest end. On the whole, these puzzles are quite easy, since the books were written for kids age in mind. The Castle of Darkness GrailQuest. Treasures of the Cursed Pyramid.

Whenever you fight a combat, you total up the ordnance value of all units involved, and then you roll 2D6 grailquuest compare the result to a combat chart, of which there are seven, to represent different types of troop quality and equipment. Occasionally there is more serious drama, but this is usually reserved for very special moments.

Kong Arthurs troldmand og gode ven? Eight books were published in Vamebooks, with only the first six reprinted in the United States, some with different covers and all with inferior quality smaller format, cardstock character and rule sheets reduced to regular paper, thinner paper, etc.