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Atacama is very easy to use, thanks to a highly intuitive control panel and to interchangeable accessories: ESTRO is built externally in brushed stainless steel and has an internal moulded cast-iron chamber. In addition to the decorative features, it is essential to evaluate a product even under the packaging appearance.

To each one their own dehydrator Tre Spade presents Atacama, a new breakthrough in dehydrating, made exclusively in Italy Atacama is the name of the latest addition to the great Tre Zgli family of products for haute cuisine: Paraphrasing an old saying: The bonding of pure cellulose and recyclable spunbond combines brilliantly decorative harmony and respect for the environment. The first part of restoration of the farm begun in late, while the enlargement of the technical area is still underway and will be completed in the summer of Today Montalbera, resting between the Monferrato and Langhe areas, is the largest vine-growing and wine-making farm in terms of hectares in a single plot of land.

The catering offer is adapted to the new trend, offering new catering proposals. Working with wood or charcoal it summarizes in itself the characteristic aspects of the oven and the grill as a sort of closed soommelier solving some of the main problems, such as the heat of an open grill or the annoying smoke that spreads in the hall. The choice of more consistent papers and materials, more efficient decorations and production, personnel and workers have allowed the disposable fibre tablecloth to reach the decorative level of traditional fabric, keeping its advantages.


The Trend line is the most fitting example of this important innovation.

Handcrafted luxury tea blends, design-driven accessories and exquisite packaging come together for an experience worth savoring every day. It is a real teamwork effort that characterizes Industrie Celtex Family, a polyhedric company, a synthesis of knowledge, experience and innovation guiad tissue, non-woven fabric and dispensing systems for the professional market.

Also, the use of pans and pots to cook eggs, seafood and vegetables completes its functionality and the result is assured.

With Atacama these du are avoided, since the kitchen now has a modern appliance for dehydrating food, thus freeing up the oven for other processes of actual cooking.

Designed for a particularly demanding market such as the Horeca sector, ESTRO is particularly suitable for restaurants specialized in grilled meat, fish or traditional restaurants. The Company was established in and has always operated in the agro-food industry. We work directly with growers that share our dedication and determination to producing the definitive expression of every type of tea we feature. What about the single use of the table set? Thanks to this constant effort, today Montalbera has rightfully earned a position among the great winemaking institutions of Piedmont.

It is an original design, with Italian quality sommelierr great practical agoi for the natural dehydration of all kinds of food, from the most traditional to whatever your creativity might suggest.

Each handcrafted infuser is designed to allow the blends to luxuriantly unfurl, letting the delicate aromas come sommeiler in every sensorially satisfying cup. The importance given to communication, their constant presence at the main international fairs and productive flexibility has taken Cesarin S.

Mese: febbraio 2018

The product quality and efficiency of the distribution chain are the leading pillars of the sector. In fact, Montalbera expresses itself in two important terroir locations: Our diverse, subtle flavors are a result of creating without compromise.

Atacama means dehydration Tre Spade-style. Easy One system is a solution of dispensing placemats and napkins appreciated on the market. A workshop of ideas, a combination of workers and technological innovations, to anticipate the clientele needs. The air in the dehydrator flows in parallel to the trays, reproducing the action of the wind, and the air passes uniformly over all the compartments to ensure that the result is uniform, too.

Each model is characterized by an area for wood or charcoal adjustable in height to exploit the maximum efficiency of the heat and an adjustable draft system for combustion at the base of the oven to introduce air and in the upper part for the disposal of fumes.



Let me give you an example: Around the mids, the family embraced a philosophy of expansion — still ongoing — initiated with the purchase of bordering land and direct seeding of new vineyards. Temperature, air-flow speed and time are central to a successful high-quality drying process, and Atacama is ei only dehydrator that enables you to control all these variables easily and precisely, thus guaranteeing unparalleled dehydration performance.

It is decisive to count on a dynamic and wide variety of Made in Italy solutions, designed in the field, to take into account both the needs of the operator and the end user. ESTRO has a limited size thanks to the arrangement of the bunk grilles and the innovative fan-like opening of the grid drawers.

Working in a closed environment maintains the right moisture of the product and keeps it juicy and flavoured. ESTRO elegantly combines in a single machine the characteristic aspects of the oven and grill, to roast, to toast, to smoke and boil the food.

Atacama Pro e Atacama Pro Deluxe giuda le due versioni dedicate ai professionisti.

Open dialogue with Roberto Tosca, Sales Director of Industrie Celtex, who reveals the secrets of the disposable table set. Castagnole Monferrato Astiboasting hectares about acres with an amphitheater-like layout in a single plot of land that UNESCO has named World Heritage, and Castiglione Tinella Cuneo, Langa terroirboasting 15 hectares 37 acres also in a single plot of land.

ESTRO also definitively eliminates the problem of having to continuously recharge wood or charcoal during work. Precision and design, interpretation and terroir: The new range of vegetables was created by exploiting the know-how matured during ten years of industrial activity.

Infibra Collection proposes targeted solutions where even the seize of the product in use is designed to combine with daily operational dynamics.