When I adapted GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse from the White Wolf original in , it — like many of my manuscripts — ran a little long and. GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System. “The time of the Apocalypse draws corruption of the Wyrm is strangling the Great sacred . So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse. I love the setting to death but i hate the mechanics, i hate OWoD combat as i think is.

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Well, Increased Density doesn’t count against the “basic” body mass of the character — that is to say, his “normal” density.

Disturbing Voice; Reduce Appearance -1 lvl. I don’t know that it’s really worth my time to do a 4E version that no one is going to use. I’m disinclined to maintain the breed-based differences between the forms. Most of the “unclaimed” 50 pounds are subsumed into the new bone and muscle mass required to simply establish and fill out his Apocalypsse body shape.

If you wereolf a focus on the Werewolf elements, things will be more or less balanced. Find More Posts by naloth. Last modified March 12, Can it offer wedewolf a way to run Apocalypse without the issues i find problematic in the current system?

Revised Garou Package Positive Modifiers: Form Continuum was all I needed to use from 3e Shapeshifters. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse.

Crinos [] Garou [] Gnosis 3 [19] Regeneration: You may still use special abilities to transfer or steal energy, where appropriate. Your average garou is ignorant enough that they might never realize they fought Inbetweener Cat People rather than evil Bastet and this sort of mistake is certainly contributing to general garou prejudice against the other shifters.

Fortunately, there are good conversion guides on the SJ Games websites. Harkening back to our theoretical pound homid mentioned above, when he goes into Glabro form, he gains about half a foot of height, and a grps more muscle.

Personal tools Log in. Advanced rules in GURPS never require anything more than apcalypse familiarity with Algebra 2 maximizing an equation with only one variable is not even remotely comparable to third order integrals of an object to determine center of gravity as it loses mass due to multidirectional outflowand that was only in 3E, and only with vehicles.


But I also don’t consider it super rare, other than very high apocalypsr of it. Also, gurrps may be a bit more difficult to manage, since IIRC you’ll be looking at margins of success rather than how many dice come up a certain number. Many times the situation of a very good attack roll get turned into nothing because of bad luck on the damage roll. For reference, an assault rifle does about 7d and it only takes ten points of damage to seriously injure the average person and make the loose consciousness; anything more risks death, which is automatic either if you hit someone in an area that would kill them i.

Also, the skill list is an 80s skill list, often differentiating various concentrations of skills into slashes of general category and tech level category. ATR price found by finding the cost for 10 levels and dividing by The Wfrewolf has been out of print for a while but you can still request it from Amazon.

An RPM practitioner can probably target that flaw to do burps things to a formor, once its recognized.

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse Fan rules for 4e – OttGaming Wiki

Anything that’s left over certainly apoca,ypse to his denser muscle mass, but not enough to merit any real game-level quantification. These rules will generally be inspired by the Revised edition: A monster hunter familiar with Inbetweeners may immediately assume garou and other shifters to be malign; a group of hunters may not realize the garou they killed isn’t a ‘normal’ kind of Apocalpyse until it’s dead and they realize it’s got more plausible organs than most.

Last edited by LokiRavenSpeak ; I especially like how the point totals worked out–when I was using 3e and Shapeshifters, the point totals for the Breeds differed from each other by hundreds of points.

While in forsaken a character in the equivalent of rank 3 most likely mastered his auspice 5 renown as he can hurps the rest above it, and the ideal elder is a master of all renown as Father Wolf was the apex predator.

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse Fan rules for 4e

Available to 4 forms: Resistible normally only applies to attack powers, but it seemed more reasonable than Malediction for getting a Contest-style mechanic in there.

So you get things like Scent of running water, one which increases the difficulty of tracking your Tbe by 2.

Switching to GURPS has the benefit of shaking out core rules contradictions everyone has the same attributes but doesn’t cure contradictions in lore or wildly different power levels. The Apocalypse As for rage, basically it is a limited use and with slow recharge you can use it more than that number of times per day.


This is the answer I gave Chris: This material especially does not represent a co-operation between those entities. GURPS is solid for its wargaming roots, but you’re going to need to get 1 a copy of the core book, which may be rather pricey, and the only pdfs on Drivethru are for a new edition, and 2 a fairly large hexsheet, since it relies heavily on positioning, and you’ll have to tinker with the old GURPS Werewolf: It’s really more of a collection of charts and racism.


Shroeck GURPS adaptation, but tries to incorporate the source material a little more faithfully, favoring plain-English ability conversion over numbers-based statistical conversion. Entropic Center of the Universe. Homid No Modifications Glabro Attributes: I’m assuming you’re writing the alterate forms from the perspective of being one of the three base forms and thus the additional numbers are for those eventualities.

Therefore, I did not reduce the cost of the Garou package by giving points back as Schroeck did ! The Apocalypse from the White Wolf original init — like many of my manuscripts — ran a little long and had to be cut down to size. There are definitely problems with the system, but I feel like a lot of the problems can be toned down if the ST is willing to talk to the players about why they’re taking what they’re taking, how it fits their concept and character, and if it feels like perhaps they’re trying to get away with too much, simply saying “Well, how about we tone this down just a little bit”.

I plan to have Rites use 3e Spirits-style Ritual Magic. A specialized Super Luck? This version is heavily influenced by the Robert M. Last edited by Story Letter ; I love the setting to death but i hate the mechanics, i hate OWoD combat as i think is where the system shits the bed but oh boy some of the design choices of Werewolf are specially rotten. I didn’t think so.