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Lord Bolton preserves a good length ; leave sometimes may be had from Us agent. Thus it is es- tablished that that intangible thing, news, under certain hwckern, may become property Just as fully and completely as any tangible object such as. In the eve nlng there wlD ba a dinner for male members of the dejegitlwi. Oahan’s single with the bases filled HBWintad for tha wlnnlnt run.

Little Dart rises 5 m. Oraham defeated H Stewart. Lord Taamer preserves one of the back waters below the bridge. Texas, may prove that tlie spirit of old times is not ahkn yet. Tlie latter al,so provideo hxme-grown peaches which, with ire cream donated by Mr. Funeral Chapel, proceeding to St. Don- nan sairt tajer TiM Eve- ning standard today “Perhaps no ultimate solution ever will be attained. Mayor Pendray next turned his attack on the expenditures on trails and public works. Lake, Mlddieton Park, 3 m.


I he Pro Pat I la Branch Ii tnktel steps to brine the matter before the proper authori- ties hi an endeavor to have this pension made retroactive to the date of cancellation in Soda C reek a new I en has been bi: The visitor who happens upon the dlnln?

On Trenu Good roach, dace, pike, perch, chub, barbel, Ac. Falrbakrn defeated Miss Max- well and Miss Oraham. At that time the pi”! Tone rises above CUtworthy 3 m. Armistice Period Oonunlttec L: Shipton Ascott, Charlbury, Handbrungh.

Hzckern is a good hotel at Aldemey. He becomes deeply at- tached to his two buddies.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Refreslwients were served at the end of the game. R Devon and Somerset D. Ileal Tueadav every month lH.

Yo- wao Tanwa; 3. Trent See London LT. Tea on the third rr. Miss Nortr Senkler, Mis.

James Hood gave an address, after which the chairman, W. Johnson Street, between Oov- R1 llciclsmi lis. Here Alk Brook joins on right bank. The occasion was a iblte reosption by the ciUsens to Mr. Mr Manson advocated meeting the situation so as not to embarrass the Mother Country in its relations with a friendly country.

That suretwrge was removed today kv reason of the fsrt that 7! A trial is all that is required from gentlemen that can fish to prove whetiier they may be genuine or not. In any part of the province ‘.


Even if you think you’re perfectly well, try Nujol. Uynti aeatog, Llangonoyd, Tondu.

Iweme rises by Iweme Minster, and is some 5 m. September 14, Mr w. It was the suppression of the scientific method of free inquiry that ahn to the superstition, ignor- ance and Intolerance of the Dark Aces, and it Is the revival of that spirit on thLs continent that caused that great human benefactor.

Strangers should not venture outside alone. No gorge fishing between third Tuesday in August and October 31st. After a course of 2 m.

Eyes were blackened and noses bled as the “Inaurgento” retired from the hall amid shouU and Jeers. At ihe Royal Inland Hospital. Ten persons were kal in Ponae, Porto Rico, alone, and dam- age ashore and to shipping will aggrega’c iu.

R Cork and Youghal.

Sidney The Sidney branch of the Cana- dian Olrls In Training held a very successful concert and al of work in the Wesley Hall on Monday eve- ning The hall had been elaborately dec- orated with a profusion of green boughs and artificial snow to rep- resent a scene in Orecnland. See Bristol Avon and Box Brook. Pike are nnmerons in all fhe meres, especially White mere.