Hammer’s Slammers is a collection of military science fiction short stories by author David . Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible – Official Website (A Hammer’s Slammers game); Baen’s “The Hammer’s Slammers Handbook” · Hammer’s. I have read the stories and enjoyed them. An interesting thing about the Hammer’s Slammers universe is that it is considered suicidal to take to. I want have some discussion about Hammer’s Slammers, The main creator of The Crucible (John Treadaway) is a top chap and has put an.

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Aboard the aircraft, Joachim is waiting and the chapter closes with Joachim pulling his pistol and ending Tromp’s life.

Do you like Free Wargames? Infantry elements are not simply speed bumps, but the game itself is unabashedly armor-centric It is a beautiful tome and one of the few gaming books that can sit out on a coffee table and cause non-gamers to leaf through it and start asking questions.

Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible

There is a lot of breadth within the system as a whole and hamker can accomodate other games than simply Hammer’s Slammers. One does not just walk into Detroit She ignored the dragon, and Freddy Mercury who arrived to battle it with the Power of Rock.

In general, most forces will have tech that would be considered ‘near-future’ to us today. The official miniatures from 6mm for the core group through 15mm to 28mm are available from Old Crow Models. The focus is very firmly on humans, but aliens are present though generally as set-dressing for the most part. Well, Hammer’s cruciible sleds are much smaller, lighter they can be pulled aboard a tank-transporter by a single trooperand presumably quieter.


TonUp on 18 August About how us MechWarriors are the modern knights errant, how warfare has become civilized now that we thee to abide by conventions and rules of war. Preview — Hammer’s Slammers by John Treadaway. Loved the stories, Not quite as much of a fan of the retro designs. It follows the career of a future mercenary tank regiment called Hammer’s Slammersafter their leader, Colonel Alois Hammer.

Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Morgan Rowe-Morris marked it as to-read Apr 01, Brock Deskins rated it really liked it Jan 02, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The exception would tje fusion engines allowing front-line GEVspowerguns allowing near-infinite engagements and obviating the use of combat aicraft and iridium armor along with advanced composites and point-defense systems. During a face to face discussion with Tromp in his personal offices, it is revealed that the Slammer’s regiment was created by the Freisland government to help control the export of ‘bluebright’, a rare plant and main trade commodity of Freisland.

Obviously, I’m not very familiar with the Hammer universe. The book concludes with the story “Standing Down,” in which Friesland revolutionaries hire the Slammers to overthrow the government of Friesland. This collection, and other novels and stories in the same setting, cruciible collectively called the Hammer storiescrucbile the setting is called the Slammers universe or the Hammerverse. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I think Drake wrote a new slammrs just for this book.

Hammer’s Slammers

As to the Slammers anthologies in total I find them to be one of the best examples of Sci-Fi mercenaries ever published in mainstream media. No trivia or quizzes yet. The main creator of The Crucible John Treadaway is a top chap and has put an awful lot of time and effort into that game. One day we’ll reveal the truth, At 17, I had a better dream; now I’m 33, and it isn’t me.


It is also revealed that as part of allowing Hammer to form the regiment, the government agreed that all members of the Slammers would be granted full citizenship of Freisland once its usefulness had ended and Hammer gave the order for it to disband.

The novel is split into a series of short stories which follow various characters and their interactions with the Hammer’s Slammers regiment. Thank you Hikage Agent N. Still, I’ve been tempted to buy the book just to read and for the pretty pictures, but other projects have come in the way and I don’t have minis for it so it slips further down the acquisition list.

Return to Book Page. Join us for some fast-play, indie gaming in the windy city. Failure16 Warrant Officer Posts: Artillery takes various forms, but there are ‘active’ defences available to mitigate its primacy.

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