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The names should accurately identify the pin functions, while remaining as short as possible. How is a library stored on the dataaheet If found, Netassembler outputs the property as a parameter for the module using defparam in the Verilog netlist. Each table entry has the following format: January 36 Product Version The value must be enclosed in single quotes.

Concept HDL Libraries Reference

Dual-purpose pins are the exception. January 91 Product Version This means that the identifier is case sensitive and has a restricted character set. Generating Entity Declarations from Datasheer Generating an Entity Declaration from Symbols If the parts you are using do not have an entity declaration in the design library and you want to use HDL Direct to generate entity declarations automatically, you can datashet properties to ensure that an accurate entity declaration is generated.

January 5 67 67 68 71 74 74 75 76 77 77 78 78 79 80 81 81 82 84 86 87 88 88 89 90 90 91 92 93 94 96 Product Version Make sure datashet verify the completed file against the vendor specification before making the part available to designers. Cadence libraries are labeled in the January 42 Product Version The report file is created in the current working directory. January 56 Product Version This guide describes how to maintain and modify the digital libraries.


Used for user or vendor part numbers January 41 Product Version These borders include the Cadence logo and copyright statement, but do not have any other significance and are not mandatory in a schematic, unless you use the CRefer, in which case a page border is required. When intermediate objects are read, the tools read whatever intermediate objects they need from the original library, and, if the objects are not in the original library, from the TMP library.

However, using explicit TMP libraries not only requires you to add extra lines to the cds. The libraries and components need to be tested before being released to production to ensure that they work properly. January 6 Product Version Sample Physical Part Table. Standards for Physical Information Physical information or properties is contained in the chips.

CT datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The pin information like pin names, types, loading and physical numbers is stored in the chips. Therefore, multiplexer data inputs and decoder outputs are not subscripted.

After creating a physical view, hlibftb checks the presence of the netrev. A tri-state pin has three possible states: These are reported by hlibgenxmpl. Verilog Wrappers The Verilog wrapper verilog. Netassembler selects the entry based January 68 Product Version The PPT for a technology independent part shall need to have sections corresponding to each technology logical part as follows: These are the cells for which the errors are reported by newgenasym.


Try and avoid making smaller logical parts too large. The drawback to using these pins is that they do not get annotated with pin numbers during packaging.

You will be prompted about any missing mapfiles for the mapview specified. It can contain more than one part type. The minimum text size of pin notes should be. For wrapper based simulation using Verilog, create a directory and store the Verilog wrappers in this directory. Each of the libraries are further organized into separate directories, one for each technology for example, HCMOS components are in a directory called hcmos. The libraries consist of a collection of cells that describe: For example, Netassembler expects the second name in the list to correspond to the second section for every port of the part.

The figure below shows a generalized picture of a physical part table file, along with the format of an individual part type table. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. If no suffix is specified, Packager-XL uses the instance property values as the suffix. For example, command argument argument [] Brackets denote optional arguments. Pin Stubs Draw pin stubs. The name of the directory is user-defined. The client may desire a larger spacing than the one shipped in the Cadence libraries.

This is also called protective earth. You can use the bubble command in Concept-HDL to toggle the signal states on pins.