Aspidiotus (Hemiberlesia) cydoniae Cockerell i: change of combination; Aspidiotus (Aspidiotus) lataniae Cockerell i: change of combination. Citation: MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory () Latania Scale ( Hemiberlesia lataniae) Updated on 4/9/ AM Available. Hemiberlesia lataniae — Overview. Latania Scale Map of Hemiberlesia lataniae. Aspidiotus Explore what EOL knows about Hemiberlesia lataniae.

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Hekiberlesia in kiwifruit orchards: Diaspididae of avocado trees in Israel. On leaves they are grey to white in colour, circular and convex; on stems, they are brown and slightly convex.

Latania Scale

The biology of Hemiberlesia lataniae Latanias. Natural enemies In most areas where H. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 32, pp. CIE Map Williams and Watson, Bar-Joseph, M and Gerson.

latania scale (Hemiberlesia lataniae)

Natural enemies of the latania scale, Hemiberlesia lataniae Hemiptera: Chemical Control Due to the variable regulations around de- registration of pesticides, we are for the moment not including any specific chemical control recommendations. Latania scale is considered to be a serious pest of avocado in Israel Gill, CIE, ; Argyriou, The yellow body of the female is almost rounded.


Symptoms The presence of H. The first instar, or crawler, usually settles near the parent female and moults after 14 days. Very polyphagouscommonly occurring on the woody parts of most woody plants. Other useful practices are to reduce dust depositing on the trees from nearby dusty roads, and to prevent ants from gaining access to trees.

In South Africa, heavy infestations have been observed on fruit of avocado cultivar Hass, but smooth-skinned cultivars are also susceptible. Other antagonists include coccinellid predators and the mite Hemisarcoptes coccophagus Meyer.

The latania scale is attacked by a suite of natural enemies. According to Ebeling,feeding on fruit by H. Kiwifruit pests in Chile. Sporadic scales affecting mango. The Armoured Scales Diaspididae. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 22 3: Nagarkatti S; Sankaran T, Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need.

Other Tropical Fruit Trees and Shrubs. One or two generations per year have been recorded in the USA, and overwintering is as adult females second instar females in Chile Kosztarab, The species is also unisexual in Israel Gerson and Zor, Hemiberlesia lataniae latania scale ; adult on Heliconia.


In the USA, H.

The armoured scale insects of Ohio Homoptera: However, this will only occur where ants do not disturb the balance of natural enemies and pesticides are not applied indiscriminately. The second instar exhibits the same colour as the adult female.

A magnifying glass or hand lens, and good lighting are important to ensure detection. Diaspididae associated with temperate and subtropical fruit trees in Himachal Pradesh. Chemical Control Although there are systemic and contact insecticides that can control H.