by Jan Lamprecht. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian Gravity Revisited. CHAPTER . by Jan Lamprecht. from HollowPlanets Website. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian. Videos. Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs, Germans in Antarctica; Vietnam · History Science Videos · Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs.

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The Hollow Earth is a different concept.

Wouldn’t it be more logical, during the formation of the earth for heavy substances like Gold, Uranium, Lead to have been in the core instead of iron? If they live as we do, lamprechh surely it should be happening to them too since many of them are human and live under similar conditions. United Kingdom United States World.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot something. Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. Note the Maedler phenomenon I mentioned with regard to Venus? Just planetts how flat and featureless it is, no land marks to go by except the occassional hill. Exploring Expedition of —, even though that venture was a result of his agitation.

Jan Lamprecht ★ Hollow Earth Theory Inner Earth Science Evidence ♦ Hollow Planets Proof 4

Views Read Edit View history. John Symmes Hollow Earth monument”. But wait a minute! But that does not explain it all.

Jan Lamprecht’s Hollow Earth | Universe of Particles

The spheres rotate at different speeds. Sadly, very very sadly, my friend Jeff just fobbed off the best arguments I put forth. YET, perhaps these same desert worlds have great civilisations inside their hollowed out interiors.


He placed an interior sun in the Earth and built a working model of the Hollow Earth which he patented U.

Hollow Earth

But, if you look at Hollow Earth theory, you’ll have no problem accounting for this. Or is it that fish from the Inner earth – where the people do not fish as much as we do – spill over and swim out of the holes?

Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents, and Hamilton, Ohioeven has a monument to him and his ideas. He countered with his own arguments – which to me did not make much sense. As you go over the lip of the entrance and begin the inward descent you think you’re on the other side of the earth – you are totally unaware that you are entering a huge hole – a hole so big that the Space shuttle on its highest orbital level of miles could comfortably fly inside.

A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds is an in-depth review of many papers from science journals of the highest repute. Joscelyn Godwin Kingdom of Agarttha 15, Apparently these are public records which can be obtained.

Reviews Schrijf een review. It has even been reported, although apparently without historical documentation, that Adolf Hitler was influenced by concave Hollow Earth ideas and sent an expedition in an unsuccessful attempt to spy on the British fleet by holkow infrared cameras up at the sky. Leslie did propose a hollow Earth in his Elements of Natural Philosophy pp. James Maxlowa prominent proponent of expansion tectonicshas arrived at from his analysis of geological evidence for expansion.


I must digress at this point: Halley proposed this scheme in order to explain anomalous compass readings. But his objections didn’t make much sense to me. He shot it down on the basis of a few arguments which underestimated the navigational problems. Ossendowski said he was told about a subterranean kingdom that exists inside the Earth.

Cartographers also got it wrong. In this Inner vacuum, is a little Sun.

It was known to Buddhists as Agharti. If only one object was Hollow, then it would stand out like a sore thumb.

The geomagnetic field is not stable. The idea that currents in the core could create a magnetic field. A cavity, once formed at the center of such a body, will have no way of disappearing.

| Hollow Planets, Jan Lamprecht | | Boeken

Their flying saucers come out of the Poles from time to time. Notify me of new posts by email. In William Lampreccht Hudson ‘s romance, A Crystal Agethe protagonist falls down a hill into a Utopianasexualpastoral paradise ; since he falls into this world, it is sometimes classified as a hollow Earth story; although ohllow hero himself thinks he may have traveled forward in time by millennia.

I also heard somewhere that Canada had a very great number of sightings per capita.