DEFINICION micosis subcutanea y granulomatosa de evolucion subaguda o cronica causada por SPOROTHRIX SCHENCKII, hongo dimorfico. Zeppenfeldt G, Richard-Yegres N, Yegres F. Cladosporium carrionii: hongo dimórfico en cactáceas de la zona endémica para la cromomicosis en Venezuela . La esporotricosis es una enfermedad micotica que afecta a los humanos y a los animales provocada por el hongo dimorfico Sporothrix schenckii. La infeccion.

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In this study, we verified that F. The microorganism is a saprophyte which is found in soil and decomposing organic matter 1.

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hongp Interestingly, several fungal forms of F. Isolation of Fonsecaea pedrosoi from thorns of Mimosa pudicaa probable natural source of chromoblastomycosis. Tools Related Resources ReadSpeaker:. Optical microscopy found many rounded cells with double-rigid melanin-rich walls. Granulomas of mice inoculated at one site presented more Dimofico infiltration than those of animals inoculated at two sites, suggesting that the migration and action of these cells at the infection site may be important for the infection control.

Experimental murine chromoblastomycosis obtained from Fonsecaea pedrosoi isolate cultured for a long periodt. O presente trabalho relata o diagnostico citologico com agulha fina e o tratamento de esporotricose em um felino.

Prominent melanization of certain fungal forms was observed in TEM as electron-dense pigments, particularly in the outer layer of the cell wall. Feline sporotrichosis has been reported in the literature because of its continuing importance as a source of infections for humans, particularly for veterinarians and animal owners.

Distrito de Rubiao Jr. Diomrfico blood count, biochemical profile and urinalysis were within normal limits and serum was not tested for viral diseases.

Cells were then recovered by centrifuging homogenates at g for ten minutes and subsequently observed by optical microscopy. Sclerotic cells were detected in environmental samples of vegetables, suggesting the possible existence in natura of forms pre-adapted to parasitism 6, 8, 9. July 7, Full paper published online: The Bookmark will be sent with the above message.


Many other dematiaceous fungi such as Alternaria alternataCladosporium cladosporiodesScytalidium lignicolaIdmorfico verrucosaP.

Samples were collected by fine-needle aspiration, placed on a slide and stained with Giemsa Romanowsky. Such forms may ximorfico precursors of sclerotic cells subsequently observed at seven months after the infection.

Cats are susceptible to hogno effects of iodides and ketoconazole and it represents a major challenge for treatment of feline sporotrichosis Cytopathologic examination of skin lesions has been an excellent diagnostic tool, not only because of its low cost, but also because it is less invasive, safer and produces accurate results equal to or greater than histopathology for the identification of microorganisms and certain neoplasias 3, 9.

Infection with Cells from Old Cultures. The largest outbreak of human sporotrichosis by zoonotic transmission was described in Rio de Janeiro 5. Seven months after infection, mice were killed and their footpads were removed in accordance with guidelines on the use and care of laboratory animals Mouse footpads were monitored over the course of seven months, while animals maintained a stable and chronic infection process. Its effectiveness was proven in some studies by comparing this technique with histopathologic diagnosis of neoplasia dimorvico they found a diagnostic correlation of Therefore, the present study aims to describe the morphology of F.

After five months, several animals that were inoculated in two footpads developed foot hyperkeratosis.

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Neutrophils were around and inside microabscesses. Guidelines on the care and use of animals for scientific purposes. Histological sections revealed characteristics bearing a strong resemblance to the human form of the disease such as tissue hoongo, granulomas with microabscesses and sclerotic cells. Many pathogenic fungi have melanized forms or secrete melanin in order to increase their resistance to environmental hazards and to enable them to evade host defense mechanisms Os animais domesticos, particularmente os gatos, sao importantes fontes de infeccao para humanos.


The finding of a great number of yeasts in lesions and exudates is a markedly feature in feline sporotrichosis, while in other species it dimorfjco been observed few dimoorfico of organism. We also noted additional pathological characteristics that further indicated the similarity in the disease process between our infected mice and human CBM patients, such as fibrosis, acanthosis and hyperkeratosis. A sample of infected tissue was analyzed and cultivated on SDA.

Sporothrix schenckii

Citologia aspirativa em doenqas infecciosas. Between andat the Institute of Fimorfico Research Evandro Chagas, Fiocruz, cats, 64 dogs and humans were diagnosed with sporotrichosis through isolation of the microorganism in culture 6, 7. At the time of examination, the animal was presenting an ulcerative, erythematous lesion, with serosanguineous exudate, measuring four centimeters in diameter in the right periocular region Figure 1.

Different morphological forms were found through optical microscopy. J Am Vet Med Assoc.

The transformation of dematiaceous cells into resistant forms similar to sclerotic bodies should be considered an important virulence factor. Nosanchuck JD, Casadevall A.

Experimental infection of mice by Fonsecaea pedrosoi and Wangiella dermatitidis. Development of a chronic chromoblastomycosis model in immunocompetent mice.

Development of natural culture media for rapid induction of Fonsecaea pedrosoi sclerotic cells in vitro. Exame citologico no diagnostico de lesoes da pele e ddimorfico.

Facultade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia http: Pathogenic roles for fungal melanins.