A RMS VOLTMETER. Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options. This product is no longer available. Visit Technical Support. No replacement found. Path: /hp/a/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this. New -hp- A RMS Voltmeter has a 10 megohm input impedance, no zero set control, and a high crest factor with immunity to large overloads. Sensitivity is.

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The A with the socket easily calibrated to spec. If you are looking for a late model A series from and some later years, the only way to be sure might be to see the prefix in a picture of the rear panel or to ask the seller. If the description says needle moves and the picture shows a needle indication above the first mark, plan on a high likelihood of repair!

Save on Voltmeters Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Use at your own risk. Understanding and selecting rms voltmetersFailing to verify ac-voltmeter accuracy before conducting rms-noise measurements may cause highly misleading results, Jim Williams and Todd Owen, Linear Technology Corp, EDN, May 11, Here is a technical data sheet for the version of the hp A PDF.

Gently jp on one side of the A2 board and lift it out. See details for description of any imperfections. Doing that will ensure that you don’t overload or damage the meter. It might not be such an easy project! Early and mid production models used the traditional numbering scheme A nnnnn. h;


HP A Analog 1mw Ohm RMS Voltmeter | eBay

Discounts may be offered for reduced service levels. Symptoms included significant movement of the meter needle and low sensitivity.

We hope to earn your business. Additional Info Please provide any additional information which could help us determine hpp we can meet your requirements for this offer. Jim Williams passed away the same Sunday that I was writing my first notes on high crest factor measurements.

HP A RMS Voltmeter

Here, I wanted the option to try a few different versions of this same part, so the socket. These pieces are often used but in good working condition.

Error Sending Request We are very sorry but an error on the server is preventing your request from being processed. Since then, we have been investigating low cost solutions for low level AC measurements.

Standard accessories supplied by the original manufacturer No manuals or accessories required Other specify Will you accept an instrument with minor cosmetic and physical flaws if it operates properly? I have no direct experience with the earlier models. This could be done, perhaps by monitoring the DC output level of the chopper amplifier e. This makes it superior to conventional analog and digital voltmeters where regular analog meters top out at 3 or 4 Mhz and where DVM’s often top out at Khz.


Agilent / HP 3400A RMS Analog Voltmeter

Notify me when back in stock. Please enter your offer below for consideration. Recently, the availability of late model e. Yes No Are you willing to prepay your order by check or wire transfer to avoid credit card fees?

Note the wire positions and colors and remove the wire plugs from the gold posts. Skip to main content. Used condition as pictured.

Additional Info Please let us know any information that will help us fill your requirement such as urgency, quantity needed, etc. That is why as long as it reads correctly at both points and in-betweenwhere it falls between the zero mark and the first mark with no signal input, is of no consequence. As well documented at other sites, there has been an evolution of the HP A series meters from their introduction inthrough the late s ending with the B.

So, these ACV meters with wideband input amplifiers, are non-the-less relatively slow in response time, presumably one of the reasons beyond cost that this thermocouple technology is no longer used. See also their main gallery.