With Mother Nature, U.S. anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy strides into the minefield, examining motherhood across cultures, historical periods. In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned anthropologist (and mother) Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a radical new vision of motherhood and its crucial. “As was the case for her earlier classic, Mother Nature, Sarah Hrdy’s Mothers and Others is a brilliant work on a profoundly important subject. The leading.

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In traditional Darwinian evolutionary biology, the female of any species has evolved to produce and nurture the species; one could say it is her only role. I was finally motivated to pull this weighty tome down off of the shelf after an intriguing review by my sister of Hrdy’s most recent work: Your in-laws are alloparents, as is your own sister, or the baby-sitter.

Hrdy says there’s no pure genotype because genotypes always get expressed within a context.

There are, however, a couple of issues with her presentation. Which is why this book totally rocked my world, and why I want to recommend grdy from the rooftops. As Hrdy argues, far from being “selfless,” successful primate mothers have always combined nurturing with ambition, mother love with sexual love, ambivalence with devotion. I love that it challenges hhrdy perceptions. In Hrdy was awarded her PhD for her research on langurs.

She finds that human mothers do have instincts, of course, but they are not all stereotypically “maternal. The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics.


Edward Lear is an apt character to think about at Christmas-time. In fact all mothers, in the struggle to guarantee both their own survival and that of their offspring, deal nimbly with competing demands and conflicting strategies. Men are no less capable of caring for young than are women. In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned anthropologist and mother Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a radical new vision of motherhood and its crucial role in human evolution.

Mother Nature

I really enjoyed this book. Status-seeking by mothers today, via jobs and incomes, Hrdy argues, is an evolutionary product of ensuring long and safe lives for their nzture. Give as a gift. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. So why wouldn’t we believe that women with unwanted pregnancies in medieval Florence had the same range of emotions?

Mother Nature: Maternal Instincts and How They Shape the Human Species

In her nuanced, stunningly original interpretation of the relationships between mothers and fathers, mothers and babies, and mothers and their social groups, Hrdy offers not only a revolutionary new meaning to motherhood but an important new understanding ,other human evolution. If you want to scream every time some unenlightened jerk gives you some kind of “Men are from Mars” crap, then this is the book for you!

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If you’re a parent who works, or if you don’t see parenting roles as particularly gendered, or if you are using any kind of assisted reproduction, or if you think about the relationships of your children to other significant, caring adults for whom there aren’t yet commonplace words, then here’s the science, eloquently and ingeniously assembled, to dispel a lot of “traditionalist” guilt trips, and open your eyes to the possibilities.


Natuee make a bigger impact on the world, she decided to make films that would help people living in developing countries become educated on various health subjects. Much of Hrdy’s book is about “allomothers,” a community of support that behaves “as if kin.

Moher others as you wish to be treated Criticize ideas, not people Stay on topic Avoid the use of toxic and offensive language Flag bad behaviour Comments that violate our community guidelines will be removed. At some point, talking about China’s one child policy, the author says something like Jan 18, Cortney rated it it was amazing.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy – Wikipedia

The best part is the way that huge amounts of not-always-straightforward biological data are presented with ease and charm. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Primates have highly adaptable brains. Retrieved 13 November A read you will value forever.

We’re capable of immense feats of learning. An alloparent is any other kith or kin who volunteers their own time and resources for the benefit of another’s offspring.

As infants are physically meek, their only ‘weapons’ in this fight are their appearance and their behaviour. Jun 27, Roslyn rated it really liked it. It depends on a number of variables and is therefore not innate, as once thought.