IEC · IEC · IEC · IEC · IEC · IEC ; Show all». IEC Standard | Guide for the determination of thermal endurance properties of ekectrical insulating materials – Part 2: List of. IEC , Electrical insulating materials – Thermal endurance properties – Part 2: Determination of thermal endurance properties of electrical.

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To reduce the uncertainties in calculating the appropriate thermal endurance characteristic, the overall temperature range of thermal exposure needs to be carefully selected, observing 6021-62 following requirements if the required thermal endurance characteristics are for a projected duration of 20 We continually improve the quality of our products and services to benefit your business.

For further information on our subscription products go 602166-2 bsigroup. If the data dispersion is not high through inadequate experimental technique, the effect of the high dispersion can be overcome by the use of a larger number of data values, i.

In the case of destructive tests 6.

For destructive tests, see 5. A complicating factor is that the properties of a material subjected to thermal ageing may not all deteriorate at the same rate, and different end-points may be relevant for different applications. Throughout the rest of this standard the term “insulating materials” is always taken to mean “insulating materials and simple combinations of such materials”. A time to end-point within the first ageing period shall be treated as invalid.

The circulation of the air within the oven and the exchange of the air content should be adequate to ensure that the rate of thermal degradation is not influenced by accumulation of decomposition products or oxygen depletion see 5. Evaluate the results, as listed in 6.

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Using Equations 46 to 50 of 6. An approximately linear region of the ageing graph is selected Figure 3 and a line parallel to the mean ageing graph drawn through each time, property point. Unless otherwise stated in the method for determining the diagnostic property for example, parts of material specifications dealing with methods of test, or a method listed in IECthe initial value is the arithmetic mean of the test results.

Instructions for calculating thermal endurance characteristics using simplified procedures. Generally, the following instructions 5. If either of these conditions is not met, the value of TI cannot be reported. We accept all major credit cards American Express, Mastercard and VisaPayPal and bank transfers as form of payment.

Standards Council of Canada

For non-destructive tests, although Table 1 suggests constant cycle lengths, test times following a geometric series may be used. Either a new group, possibly with a shorter cycle time, should be started, or the first cycle failure ignored and the nominal size of the group reduced by one for example, a temperature group of 21 would be treated in the mathematical process as 20; see 6.

For the valid application of the standard, no transition, in particular no first-order transition should occur in the temperature range under study.

Do you need a multi-user copy? These tests have been designed to test all important aspects of the data which might invalidate derivation of thermal endurance characteristics, as well as to decide whether a failure to satisfy the statistical requirements is of practical significance.

IEC () (R) | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

The first assumption is tested by the so-called Fisher test F -test. However, it is important that a smaller range of mean times to end-point will lead to a larger confidence interval of the result for the same data dispersion. The format of the TI is then: The method of evaluation of TI results is by the numerical procedure detailed in IEC together with a graphical presentation as eic in Figure 1.


Divide the specimens by random selection into as many groups as there are exposure temperatures. Information on standards We can provide you with the knowledge that your organization needs 6026-2 succeed.

Some test properties may require measurement ifc the oven temperature, in which case the ageing is continuous. Although originally developed for use with electrical insulating materials and simple combinations of such materials, the kec are considered to be of more general applicability and are widely used in the assessment of materials not intended for use as electrical insulation.

Calculation procedures and suitable restrictions have been developed to idc these circumstances and are given in detail in IEC To provide uniform conditions, the conditioning of specimens after removal from the oven and before measurement may need to be specified. In all cases, ageing shall be continued until more than one-half of the test specimens in each group have failed to pass the proof test.

标准 IEC 电气绝缘材料 耐热性 第1部分:老化程序和试验结果的评定_百度文库

Where the derivation is graphical or the statistical conditions are not satisfied the format is as follows: Times to end-point, x – and y -values General 6. However, in many cases, the deviations arise from the ageing behavior of the material; this happens with many thermoplastic materials or other materials where the ageing temperature range includes, or is close to, a transition temperature of some kind, or where there jec more than one ageing mechanism at work.

Determination of thermal endurance properties of electrical idc materials — Choice of test criteria IEC