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Of course, as humwdo skilled in the art will appreciate, the appropriate mode of administration will vary according to the cancer to be treated. In this case, the 25 protein, antigen or epitope is incubated with a fusion protein of albumin conjugated to a labeled compound p. Fusion proteins albumin the invention may be useful as agents to enhance migration, phagocytosis, superoxide production, antibody dependent neutrophil, eosinophil and macrophage cellular cytotoxicity.

Arterial occlusive diseases include, inter alia, arteriosclerosis, intermittent claudication, carotid stenosis, fibromuscular dysplasias, mesenteric vascular occlusion, Moyamoya disease of, obstruction of the renal arteries, occlusion of retinal artery and thromboangiitis obliterans. Fusion proteins albumin of the invention can be used to treat or prevent neural cell injury associated with a heart attack. The fusion proteins of the albumin of the invention, which could stimulate proliferation and differentiation and promote the repair of alveoli and bronchiolar epithelium to prevent or treat acute or chronic lung impetifo, for example, emphysema, which results in the progressive loss of alveoli 10 and inhalation injuries, i.

Such methods can also be used in a similar fashion to prevent capillary invasion of transplanted corneas.

Infecciones de la Piel by David Guerrero on Prezi

Fusion proteins albumin of the invention can be used to differentiate, proliferate, and attract cells at 15 leading to tissue regeneration. Representative examples of tungsten and molybdenum complexes also include oxo. The composition is formulated in accordance with routine procedures as a sfco composition adapted for intravenous administration to humans.


Such compositions contain a therapeutically effective amount of the compound, often in purified form, together with a suitable amount of carrier to provide the appropriate form of administration to the patient.

Fusion proteins albumin of the invention can be used as agents to accelerate recovery of immunocompromised individuals.

Techniques known in the art can be applied to marker polypeptides of the invention. Regeneration also may include angiogenesis. Y” of Table 1 comprising administering to a patient in which desired such treatment, prevention or amelioration a fusion protein of albumin of the invention comprising a therapeutic protein or a portion corresponding to a therapeutic protein or fragment or variant thereof disclosed in a column “therapeutic protein: In preferred embodiments, the present invention encompasses fusion proteins albumin 5 for use in treating a disease or listed in column disorder “Preferred Indication: Los conjugados del tipo preparado por Poznansky et al.

Fusion proteins albumin of the invention can be used as agents for inducing antibodies affinity. Typically, compositions for intravenous administration are solutions in sterile isotonic aqueous buffer. The therapeutic activity can be measured in vivo or in vitro. Ant-angiogenic compounds are applied after hepatic resections for malignancy, and after neurosurgical operations of. Fusion proteins encoding albumin fusion proteins of the albumin present invention can be used in assays to analyze one or more biological activities.

Such uses are indicated in conditions known or suspected to have a precedent to neoplasia or cancer progression, particularly when there has been a consistent non-neoplastic cell growth in hyperplasia, metaplasia, or most particularly, dysplasia for review of such abnormal growth conditions, see Robbins and Angell,Basic Pathology, 2d Ed, WB Saunders Co.

Similarly, nerve and brain tissue could also be regenerated using fusion proteins of the invention for prliferar and differentiate nerve cells. The following description should be considered exemplary and using known techniques.

Enfermedad pulmonar infiltrativa p. The albumin fusion proteins of the invention can be used as stimulant response to pathogenic lymphocytes B. In these cases, treatment, likely in combination with steroids, may be instituted immediately to help prevent subsequent complications. The precise dose to be employed in the formulation will also depend on the route of administration and the severity of the disease or disorder and should be decided according to the judgment of the treating physician and the circumstances of each patient.


Ejemplos representativos de complejos de vanadio incluyen complejos de vanadio oxo, tales como complejos de 5 vanadato y de vanadilo. In addition, fusion proteins of albumin of the invention can be used as an antigen in a vaccine to elicit an immune response against infectious disease.

ES2500918T3 – Albumin fusion proteins and beta interferon – Google Patents

The fusion proteins of the invention conjugated albumin to a toxin or radioisotope, as described herein, can be used to treat acute myelogenous leukemia. Variables such as protein structure and cell type influence the eeco and nature of the carbohydrate units within the chains at different glycosylation sites.

One skilled in the art could easily modify the process described therein for use in the purification of albumin fusion proteins of the 10 invention. For example, fusion secco of the invention may be administered topically, in order to treat cancers such as skin cancer, head and neck tumors, breast tumors and Kaposi’s sarcoma.

TH2 against a TH1 cellular response. Fusion proteins albumin 60 of the invention can be used to treat or prevent neural cell injury associated with cerebral ischemia. In the art vectors they are known and are commercially ijpetigo or are described elsewhere.

The albumin fusion proteins of the invention can be used as means for reducing the involvement of T lymphocytes and Ig associated with chronic myelogenous leukemia. If a fusion protein of albumin actividd 45 exhibits a particular test, probably corresponding to the fusion protein therapeutic protein may be involved in diseases associated with the biological imptigo.